With the release of the fourth season of Too Hot to Handle, viewers have been going back to catch up on previous seasons, with many of them wondering whether orI was wondering if any of the couples from season 2 of Too Hot to Handle are still together.

While everyone, including Emily Miller, Cam Holmes, Marvin Anthony, and Melinda Melrose, experienced highs and lows during the retreat, only one could walk away with the grand prize.

This year, the Too Hot to Handle contestants are subject to stricter alcohol limits than ever before.

Peter and Melinda emerged as a couple that no one saw coming, and Christina Carmela and Robert Van Tromp became fast friends.

I was wondering if any of the couples from season 2 of Too Hot to Handle are still together.Let’s check it out

Will We Ever Find Out If Marvin Anthony And Melinda Melrose Broke Up?

Because of the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship, Marvin and Melinda have decided to clear the air about their status as a couple and have confirmed they are not in fact dating.

During a video posted by Netflix six days after the series finale aired, Marvin said, “We had that thing which we built up during the show, and when we got home, we started having arguments.”

“We clash a lot,” Melinda agreed.

In later years, the New York beauty dated Peter Vigilante, but more on that in a moment.

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Have Peter Vigilante And Melinda Melrose Started Dating?

Less than a week after the season two finale aired, Peter and Melinda confirmed they were dating, making them the most shocking couple to emerge from the show.

Melinda and Marvin broke up after an awkward Instagram live in which they discussed the reasons for the split.

Fans of the show are worried that Melinda and Peter are no longer dating because they haven’t appeared on each other’s social feeds since last year, despite the fact that they confirmed their relationship with a couple of very steamy photos.

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What’s The Status Of Cam Holmes And Emily Miller’s Relationship?

MailOnline reports that in March of 2022, one of Too Hot to Handle’s most popular couples, Emily and Cam, split up after Emily caught Cam cheating on her.

There were rumors of a breakup, but they’ve been together consistently this whole year and still seem head over heels in love.

A few months after the show’s premiere, the pair moved in together in a London flat, making them the longest-lasting couple on the show.

After returning from the retreat, they said they had become like “any normal couple,” arguing and watching Netflix together.

With you, I look forward to spending the rest of my life. Cam’s involvement in Emily’s engagement was an added bonus.

They haven’t commented on rumors of a breakup.

Do Robert Van Tromp And Christina Carmela Still Date?

Christina and Robert, the Too Hot to Handle couple, have called it quits.

They had a blazing fling at the retreat, and things grew much more serious between them over time, but by September they had announced their breakup.

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Robert told MailOnline that he and Christina had a great time together in South Africa after the series ended and even spent Christmas 2020 there, but that things had gotten as communication became too strained between them after his return to London.

When asked why they had decided to part ways, he said, “It’s been a mutual decision in terms of parting ways because we both have the same frustrations when I think there’s potential in the long run, in however many months or years from now,

but right now I feel like it’s gotten very challenging, and it’s pushed us further apart, because of the process and the way the show has happened.


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