The American version of the popular British reality show, Love Island, goes by the title Love Island USA. The series follows a group of loners (islanders) who have taken up residence in a remote villa. A hundred thousand dollars is at stake, so they’ll be attempting to team up and make it to the end of the competition as a couple in the hopes of coming out on top. These eligible bachelors and bachelorettes from the island are just as eager to find love as they are to take home the grand prize.

If you watched Love Island USA and were hoping that Elizabeth and Zac would end up together at the end of the first season, you’ll be disappointed to learn that this wasn’t the case. The show’s Zac Mirabelli said of Elizabeth, “When I first walked into the villa, I knew instantly that she was the girl that I wanted to couple up with, just based off of physical attraction.”

What Happened Between Zac Mirabelli And Elizabeth Weber?

They dated for a while after Zac Mirabelli left the show, but they broke up in 2019.

Zac posted a breakup announcement on Instagram, explaining that the two of them had simply grown apart and developed separate passions. The split was mutual, and we parted ways civilly. Just two people with different priorities.

Elizabeth also posted a similarly cordial message on her Instagram story after the breakup. The breakup between Zac and I has been mutual. Though I had hoped for a different outcome, I know that life isn’t always fair.

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The Real World Adventures Of Zac Mirabelli And Elizabeth Weber

After only four months of dating after leaving the Love Island villa, Elizabeth Weber revealed in a YouTube video that the couple had broken up in December 2019.

They had a difficult time adjusting to “real life problems and real world situations that were happening” after returning from the show, she said. We were both in need of some time apart from each other.

Following Her Time On Love Island, Elizabeth Weber Did The Following:

Elizabeth Weber relocated to Los Angeles after the show ended. As the pandemic spread, she returned to her home in Michigan.Chicago is where Zac Mirabelli spent his childhood.

I think it’s safe to say that I speak for everyone in the cast when I say. Elizabeth told Bustle that the two of them “had a hard time adjusting” after returning from their trip. The arrival of COVID certainly didn’t help matters. According to her Instagram, Weber divides her time between Los Angeles and New York.

Podcast Hosted By Elizabeth Weber

After Love Island is a podcast that Elizabeth Weber and fellow contestant Alexandra Stewart host. The victor and the runner-up conduct in-depth interviews with contestants, field questions from listeners, and provide exclusive access to the show’s production.

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Zac Mirabelli’s Post-“Love Island” Plans

The native Chicagoan announced his signing with Ford Models New York in March of 2020.

Later, Zac Mirabelli was featured in editorials for publications like Vulkan and Raffi. In 2020, she’ll also start working with LA Models.

Zac Mirabelli And Elizabeth Weber Started YouTube Channels

Zac Mirabelli launched a YouTube channel in December 2019 with the intention of uploading videos about the behind-the-scenes drama on Love Island and other personal updates. But it’s been a while since he posted a new video.

For a more lifestyle-oriented channel, check out Elizabeth Weber’s. It features vlogs, get ready with me videos, and try on hauls, but it hasn’t been updated in over 6 months.

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When It Comes To Her Romantic Life, Elizabeth Weber Would Prefer To Keep Things Under Wraps.

Elizabeth Weber told Bustle that “after having such a public relationship and breakup, I’ve just kind of decided to keep my relationships private from here on out. But it’s safe to say that I’m extremely content.


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