Maya Hawke’s breakout role as Stranger Things’ Robin in season 3 made her a household name. In addition to the fact that Robin is a lesbian in the show, her appearance in Stranger Things has allowed us to see a completely new character who combines a bit of awkwardness with humor and smart quips.

What’s The Deal, Then?

Is Maya Hawke Gay In Real Life, Or Is She Straight?

Some fans of Stranger Things wondered about Maya’s sexuality and relationships because of her portrayal of Robin. No matter how convincing she is as Robin, she is not a lesbian in real life. Therefore, let’s learn more about Maya Hawke.

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Just Who Is This Mysterious Maya Hawke, Anyway?

Maya Hawke is one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming actresses. That’s because her portrayal of Robin in Stranger Things was so superb.

After being introduced in the third season of the popular Netflix original, the character quickly rose to prominence as a fan favorite, thanks in large part to the dynamic she shares with Steve, another character that has won over viewers’ hearts.

However, moviegoers who have been around for a while will likely recognize Maya Hawke’s name.

That’s because her father, Ethan Hawke, has been one of the most famous actors in Hollywood for decades, and his surname has stuck with his daughter.

Maya Hawke, who looks just like her mother when she’s acting, also inherited some of her father’s quirky traits.

She got lucky when she was born to two actors, because she inherited both their looks and their skills. But thanks to her standout work as Robin in Stranger Things, she has established a strong reputation.

Could Robin Be A Lesbian On Stranger Things?

Robyn, played by Maya Hawke, is Steve’s coworker who first appeared in Season 3. They met while working together at an ice cream shop in a Hawkins shopping center, and their shared passion for ice cream led to an unexpected bond between them.

Since Dustin and his pals frequently hang out at Steve’s ice cream parlor, he served as a conduit for the main characters to meet and become friends with Robin.

In light of Steve’s previous relationship breakup with Nancy, it seemed inevitable that he would develop romantic feelings for his attractive coworker.

Since Robin and Steve have more chemistry than any other couple on the show, viewers assumed they would end up together by season’s end.

Steve was about to make a move on Robin, but she told him she didn’t find him attractive and that she didn’t like men.

Truth be told, she was a secret lesbian. Since the general public was not as accepting of gays and lesbians in the 1980s, this means that she has a secret crush on females but has never come out about it.

Robin trusted Steve and considered him a true friend because he was one of the few people who knew about her sexuality.

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Interested Party?

It turned out that Robin was originally intended to be Steve’s new girlfriend. Despite this, Maya Hawke insisted that Robin and Steve remain friends, as she and Joe Keery shared more of a platonic than romantic chemistry.

Stranger Things

Robin even had a fourth-season love interest, a girl she’d met in the school band but was too nervous to approach. Because of how close Robin and Steve are, people often assume that they are a couple.

Nancy too was under the impression that they were an item. Despite Steve’s constant prodding, Robin never hid the fact that she was a lesbian with feelings for a girl.

When Nancy disguised her as a college student so that they could infiltrate a psychiatric hospital, she had to confront the fact that she wasn’t as girly as the other girls. Robin looked awkward because she was clearly not used to wearing such a feminine outfit.

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In Real Life, Is Maya Hawke A Lesbian?

Maya Hawke is not gay, but she plays a character named Robin on the Stranger Things show who may or may not be a lesbian. Maya’s dating life has been relatively private, and she doesn’t always make public announcements about who she is seeing or dating.

They were caught on camera kissing and holding hands while on a date in New York. Maya Hawke prefers to be with men, so she is straight.

Spencer Barnett is the son of Roger Barnett, the current CEO of the Shaklee Corporation, and Sloan Barnett, a former district attorney in Manhattan.

Maya Hawke is able to demonstrate her sexuality through her past relationships. The following year, in July of 2020, she was spotted with Tom Sturridge, who plays Sandman. Our time together ended in January of 2022.

Maya had previously been linked to Gus Wenner, president and chief operating officer of Rolling Stone.


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