Nathan Leave The Challenge

On Paramount Plus, the Challenge World Championship has begun to stream, but sadly Nathan‘s appearance on the programme was cut short. Fans are shocked and asking why he left.

Your favourite The Challenge participants from previous series will be competing to win the grand prize in this series. We examine Nathan Henry’s tenure on The Challenge and the reasons behind his departure.

Why is Nathan out of The Challenge

Some reports claim that Nathan had to withdraw from The Challenge due to health reasons, which led to his disqualification. Since Nathan had been “medically separated from this game,” as host TJ revealed, there would be no men’s elimination on that evening. Tristan was thus kept alive.

Fans were shocked by Nathan’s sudden resignation from The Challenge and puzzled as to why he did so. Fans immediately began writing “Nooooo!!! Why did you leave? “You are my fav,” he remarked on Instagram. As of right now, we can only wish Nathan a quick recovery because we don’t have any new information on his health.

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Tristan in elimination

Everyone has a difficult time setting up the flagpole at the last checkpoint, but Grant eventually takes first place for the males, followed by Ben, Nathan, and Danny in that order. For the women, Zara takes first place, followed by Kaz in second, Justine, who overcame a disappointing finish to take third, and Kiki in fourth. Tristan and Claudia are the poorest players; they weren’t even able to finish, therefore they are eliminated right away.

Tristan is safe

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The two victors, Grant and Zara, move up to the Hall of Fame room, according to TJ, who also notes that the worldwide MVPs are the only ones competing in the first elimination. Nathan, though, has “been medically separated from this game,” according to TJ, thus Tristan is safe and there won’t be a men’s elimination.

tristan is safe the challenge

Not another arbitrary early cut, please! On The Challenge, we’ve recently seen a tonne of these, and it’s so aggravating that we haven’t gotten a solid explanation for why Nathan left—especially given he was already demonstrating a lot of political skill. Yet, as the women will still be competing, there is no time to ruminate.

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When will the next episodes come?

the challenge

On March 8, 2018, audiences in the United States and Canada were able to see the first two episodes of The Challenge via streaming on Paramount Plus. On March 9, the programme will be streamable in other nations starting on the same day. On the streaming service Paramount Plus, brand new episodes of the show will be made available every Wednesday.

Nathan’s history on The Challenge

Before participating in The Challenge, Nathan had starred in MTV’s Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach, so he was no stranger to reality television. On The Challenge UK, he came in second place, falling just short of Tristan Phipps. The female participant that won and is still taking part in this series is Kaz Crossley.

nathan the challenge

TOWIE’s Mark Wright served as host of The Challenge UK’s inaugural season, which aired in February 2023. And Nathan was eliminated from the competition owing to some health problems; however, The Challenge has not yet made the medical problem publicly known.

To Conclude

The Challenge World Championship has begun to stream and in the last milestone we get Tristan in the elimination but instead of him Nathan got out of The Challenge due to some health issues, the real issues are not revealed officially, we will update you whenever we got more detail.


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