On March 10, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET on the CBS Television Network, the premiere of the thirteenth season of Blue Bloods will air.

The dramatic stories in this police procedural, co-created by Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, have made it a hit with audiences for 12 seasons.

Fans of Blue Bloods have been on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens in the most recent episode 15 of season 13, especially after the tense and exciting events that concluded Blue Bloods season 13 episode 14, which included a case involving a troubled foster child.

On the fifteenth episode of Season 13 of Blue Bloods, Danny will work with Waylon Gate.

Episode 15 of the crime drama’s 13th season, titled Close to Home, is set to air on Friday, March 10, 2023, at 10 pm ET. Episode 15 was written by Ian Biederman and Yasmine Cadet, and directed by Douglas Aarniokoski.

Episode 15 has been promoted by CBS with the following plot summary:
In the next episode, Danny will take on the difficult case of a notorious drug cartel boss.

After the Reagan family is threatened, he forms an uneasy alliance with Texas Ranger Waylon Gates. Viewers will also see Erin become involved in a contentious assault case.

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Despite The Lack Of Official Word From CBS,

It seems safe to assume that Blue Bloods will return on March 31 following the return of Fire Country from hiatus on the same day.

A plot summary has not yet been released, but we anticipate that this will change within the next week or so.

In addition, we hope that, within the next week or two, we will learn more about the show’s long-term future.

There have been discussions about making Season 14 of Blue Bloods a reality, but there have also been concerns raised, such as the possibility that the show would have to make budget cuts.

We’d appreciate knowing about any impending cast cuts or similar events as soon as possible so that we can begin making preparations.

Ideally, all series regulars and recurring characters would return, but that has yet to be determined.

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Santina Chose Anika And Daniel As Her ‘Evictees.’

Is she aware that she is probably the first target for elimination? This is a book that has been read many times before.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Santina has put Anika and Daniel up for eviction, given that they seem to be on the periphery of the group.

Meanwhile, Renee was already in the firing line because of the Dead Last twist. Since John Michael stated early on that he was going after the guys, we know that he was at first considered the backdoor target.

It seems like Santina might be okay with Anika leaving for the time being, but (again) this is a flaw of the Dailies; we only get so much background information.

When Zach assures Anika that everything will be okay, does he truly believe it? There is a high degree of uncertainty.

Get The Full Cast Of Blue Bloods Season 13 And The Oficial Plot Summary Right Here!

Included in season 13’s cast on CBS are:

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  • Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko-Reagan is played by Vanessa Ray.
  • In her role as deputy attorney general, Bridget Moynahan Reagan, Erin Sergeant Will Estes Rep.
  • Jamie Reagan Jamison Detective Marisa Ramirez,
  • Grade 1 The Maria Baez As President Ronald Reagan, played by Len Cariou Starring Donnie Wahlberg as a Young Detective Presidential candidate Daniel “Danny” Reagan New York City’s Police Commissioner, Tom Selleck
  • New episodes of the show’s most recent season debuted on Oct. 7, 2022. According to the show’s official description:

New York City police officers have been in the Blue Bloods family for generations. Frank Reagan is the head of the Reagan family and the New York Police Department.


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