Where have you guys been Have you guys seen the Elvis musical biography? Do you think Austin Butler did a good job portraying Elvis Presley

In that case, do you guys know who won the Golden Globe for Best Actor? For drama, Austin Butler is your man.

Austin Butler’s star continues to rise as word of his incredible talent spreads around the globe.

However, when something becomes widely known and discussed, it inevitably gives rise to a slew of theories and speculations.

Austin Butler’s sexual orientation is being used as an excuse this time around. The idea that Autin Butler is a gay man is being questioned by many.

If you want to know who he really is, you have to read the whole article.

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Can We Assume That Austin Butler Is Straight?

Emma McIntyre/WireImage; Photo of Austin Butler By

Austin Butler is a well-known actor who first gained attention for his role in the film “Elvis,” but who eventually became known all over the world for his many other film roles.

But it also raised questions about his sexuality over time. Why? Because the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, has a hint of femininity in his features.

Because Elvis’ character requires eye makeup and lacks a beard, Austin Butler looked gay after putting on all of his Elvis parsley makeup.

As a result, Austin Butler’s sexuality has been interpreted as a topic of conjecture. However, you’re completely incorrect in thinking that. The man enjoys the company of women and is straight.

Also, earlier this year, Austin was photographed alongside Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes. Therefore, the picture of the couple made everyone feel a little bit gay.

But the truth is that Austin and Shawn are good friends, which is why they took a picture together.

Some may wonder why they assume Austin Butler is gay.
To put it simply, Austin Butler
Image courtesy of Getty Images/Alberto Rodriguez/Deadline.

The primary reason is his excellent impersonation of Elvis Presley. Here, however, we’ll compare and contrast Elvis’s traits with those that have been used to fuel rumors about Austin’s sexual orientation.

First and foremost, Elvis used to sing the female parts of the songs and his dance moves contain many female moves.

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How Come You Don’t Believe Us? Mobile Hound-Dog Game, Anyone?

Many men at the time saw Elvis Presley as a transgender sexual fantasy.

In addition, Elvis often appears without a beard and he used to wear eye makeup such as eye shadows.Considering these factors, we couldn’t help but wonder if the famous singer “Elvis” was gay.

But I want to get back to the main point.Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis is so spot-on that some have speculated that he is gay.

We can double-check this theory by noticing that Austin Butler is in the Elvis film.

For What Reason Did Austin Butler Get Cast As Elvis?

Austin Butler—Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for the Palm Springs International Film Society

Austin Butler’s portrayal of “the legendary singer Elvis” was met with widespread skepticism. Some have speculated that Austin Butler was cast in the role because he has a hint of feminine features.

However, this is evidence that contradicts that idea.

This was the message the director sent out about his decision to cast Austin as Elvis in the film.

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I was like, “Wow, what is that?”

when I saw this tape of this young man (Austin) crying while playing “Unchained Melody.” What’s going on here?

This proves that Austin Butler was given a chance to showcase his skills, regardless of his gender.

Austin Butler: Who Is He? Whom Do You Share A Life With?

Butler, Austin
Illustration by Gilbert Flores/Variety, available on Getty Images
While Austin Butler has not yet tied the knot, the following is a list of the women he has dated.

Kaia Gerber is Austin Butler’s current girlfriend. The couple has been together since December of 2021, when they were both spotted at a yoga class in Los Angeles.

After that, Austin frequently kissed Kaia on red carpets, including after he won the Golden Globes and they were reunited.

Prior to his relationship with Kaia, Austin dated Lilu Rose Depp, Johnny Depp’s daughter. They were caught making out, but their relationship didn’t last more than a few months.

In addition, he has been seeing Olivia DeJonge since the year 2020.

Austin dated Vanessa Hudgens, the star of High School Musical, before she became famous.

They were together for over a decade as a couple. Their busy schedules in the year 2020 caused them to split up.

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Intriguing Nuts And Bolts About Austin Butler

  1. This 32-year-old actor got his start in the business in kid-friendly dramas on Disney and Nickelodeon.
  2. He’s a self-taught pianist and guitarist.
  3. Early in Austin Butler’s life, his parents, Lori Anne and David Butler, split up.
  4. His mother passed away from duodenal cancer, and his sister Ashley is a successful Broadway performer.
  5. Films and TV shows directed or co-directed by Austin Butler include Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Elvis, Dune Part Two, The Carrie Diaries, and The Shannara Chronicles.
  6. In conclusion
  7. The list of Austin Butler’s accolades as an actor is long and impressive.

including the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the New York Film Critics Online Award, the Sunset Circle Award, the Atlanta Film Critics Circle, the Florida Film Critics Circle, and the Golden Globe.

Therefore, some of his opponents are spreading untruths about him. To disprove any notion that Austin Butler is gay, we can look no further than his past relationships, which all serve as excellent examples.


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