Jamie Lee Curtis husband

American actress, producer, and author Jamie Lee Curtis, Baroness Haden-Guest. She is considered as a scream queen and is well known for her roles in both film and television. She is one of the most active actors in the horror and slasher genres.

In addition to nominations for an Emmy and a Grammy, Curtis has won numerous awards, including an Academy Award, a BAFTA, two Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a BAFTA. In 1998, she was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jamie Lee is a star kid

Jamie Lee Curtis is the child of actor Tony Curtis and actress Janet Leigh, who became famous for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and for the memorable shower scene. Jamie Lee’s parents separated in 1962 when she was only four years old.

But her father had little contact with her growing up because he was “not interested in being a father.” He eventually left them both out of his will before passing away. Robert Brandt, a stockbroker who assisted in Janet Leigh’s early upbringing, was the man she later married.

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Jamie Lee husband

On December 18, 1984, Curtis wed filmmaker Christopher Guest, who was of British and American descent.

Jamie Lee fell in love just by his picture

Jamie Lee Curtis fall in love

According to The US Sun, Jamie and Christopher allegedly started dating when she happened to see Christopher in Rolling Stone. She informed her friend Debra Hill that she was “going to marry that man” at that point.

Debra tried to connect Christopher and Debra after getting in touch with Christopher’s agency, but tragically Chris never called. Later, Jamie ran into Chris in a West Hollywood restaurant; the following day, he contacted her. The pair became engaged two months later, and they later wed in 1984.

Jamie Lee and Christopher’s children

Jamie Lee Curtis kids

With the birth of Annie Guest on December 13, 1986, the couple adopted her. According to an AARP interview Curtis conducted, Annie Guest is currently a dancing instructor.

Ruby was adopted by Curtis and Guest in March 1996, ten years later. They revealed in 2021 that Ruby Guest, an editor for video games, their second kid, had come out as transgender.

According to Curtis, she and Guest “have watched with surprise and joy as our boy became our daughter Ruby,” according to an interview with AARP. Also, I will officiate her marriage to her fiancé in the coming year.

In a World of Warcraft-themed outdoor wedding in her parents’ property, Ruby Guest wed Kynthia in May. Annie Guest also got married there.

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About Jamie Lee husband Christopher Haden

about Jamie Lee Curtis husband

Peter Haden-Guest and Jean Pauline Hindes welcomed Christopher Haden-Guest into the world on February 5, 1948. The 5th Baron Haden-Guest was born into British nobility and has worked as an actor, writer, director, and musician. Due to “the House of Lords Act of 1999 which eliminated the right of most hereditary seats,” he no longer has the title, according to The Washington Sun.

Secret of Jamie Lee long married life

The stunning woman revealed her lengthy marriage’s secret in 2018 to Good Housekeeping. “Don’t go away. The saying “Stay on the bus…the landscape will change” is used as a kind of self-help.

Even though you may be having a rough week, stay on the bus because one day you’ll gaze out the window and see something lovely. It seems to apply to nearly anything where you are now feeling sad. No, I’m not a crazy romantic. I’m a realist. I admire him. And I simply stay put.

Jamie Lee write a song for his husband

For their 35th wedding anniversary, Curtis penned her husband a song. She revealed portions of the song’s lyrics in a July 2021 interview with AARP, saying, “I feel safe when I drive up and see that you are home.”

actress jamie lee curtis in a hot pink dress laying on light pin
Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis clarified, “It is the lengthy union. It’s the security of knowing he’s here, that I’m not alone, and that his car is in the garage.”

To Conclude

Jamie Lee Curtis is married to Christopher Guest since 1984. They shares 2 children together, and living a happy married life.


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