The anime series ’86’ has returned with its second season, which has been one of the most anticipated anime releases of 2022. The series, which began in April 2021, follows the story of the Republic of San Magnolia, a technologically advanced country that is at war with the neighboring country, the Empire.

In the first season, we were introduced to the 86, a group of people who are discriminated against and forced to fight in the war as unmanned drones. In this article, we will delve into the second season of ’86’ and what fans can expect from it.


The second season of ’86’ picks up right where the first season left off. The Republic is on the brink of collapse, and the 86 are continuing their fight against the Empire.

The season introduces a new character, Raiden Shuga, who is the leader of the Spearhead Squadron. Raiden is a complex character who is haunted by his past and is struggling to come to terms with his actions.

The season explores the relationship between the 86 and the Republic, which is strained due to the discrimination they face. The Republic sees the 86 as expendable and uses them to fight their war without any regard for their lives.

As the season progresses, we see the 86 fighting not only against the Empire but also against the Republic, as they seek to gain their freedom and be treated as equals.

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The second season of ’86’ explores several themes, including discrimination, war, and the cost of freedom. The series delves deeper into the discrimination that the 86 face and how it affects their lives. The Republic sees them as less than human, and this dehumanization is reflected in the way they are treated.

The season also explores the theme of war and how it affects both the soldiers and civilians. We see the toll that the war takes on the 86 and how it affects their mental health.

The theme of the cost of freedom is also explored in the second season. The 86 are fighting for their freedom and the right to be treated as equals.

However, the cost of this freedom is high, and we see the sacrifices that they have to make to achieve it. The season also explores the idea of what it means to be human and how the 86 struggle with their identity.

Animation and Sound:

The animation in the second season of ’86’ is top-notch and is on par with the first season. The action scenes are well-animated, and the emotions of the characters are captured beautifully. The sound design is also excellent, with the music adding to the overall tone of the series.

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The second season of ’86’ is a worthy follow-up to the first season, and it does not disappoint. The series continues to explore the themes that made the first season so compelling and introduces new characters that add depth to the story.

The animation and sound design are excellent, and fans of the series will not be disappointed. The season ends on a cliffhanger, leaving fans eager for the third season. If you haven’t watched ’86’ yet, it is highly recommended that you give it a watch.


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