The anime adaptation of “Accel World” premiered in 2012 and was produced by Sunrise, directed by Masakazu Obara, and based on the light novel series written by Reki Kawahara.

The first season consisted of 24 episodes and covered the first four volumes of the light novel series.

While there has been no news about a second season of the anime, the light novel series has continued beyond the events covered in the anime.

As of September 2021, there were 26 volumes of the light novel series published in Japan, with the most recent volume released in August 2021.

Why Is There No Season 2 Of Accel World?

Noting that the decision to produce a second season of an anime series depends on various factors such as popularity, sales, production costs, and availability of source material.

It’s possible that the first season of “Accel World” didn’t perform well enough in terms of these factors to warrant a second season. Alternatively, the production studio or other parties involved in the production of the anime may have decided to focus on other projects instead.

It’s also worth noting that even if a second season hasn’t been announced yet, it’s still possible for one to be produced in the future.

Sometimes, anime series are renewed after a long period of time, especially if there is renewed interest in the franchise or if new source material is released.

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Is Accel World Finished?

The light novel series of Accel World was ongoing, with 26 volumes published in Japan. The most recent volume, Volume 26, was released in August 2021.

However, in terms of the anime adaptation, there has only been one season that covered the first four volumes of the light novel series.

There has been no official announcement regarding a second season of the anime, and it’s unclear if or when a second season might be produced.

So while the light novel series of Accel World is still ongoing, the anime adaptation is currently only one season and has not yet covered the entirety of the light novel series.

Where Can I Watch Accel World Season 2?

There had been no announcement regarding a second season of Accel World. Therefore, there is no season 2 of Accel World available to watch at this time.

If a second season is announced in the future, it’s possible that it will be available to stream on legal anime streaming websites such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix, depending on the licensing agreements in your region.

You can check these websites periodically for updates on Accel World season 2, or keep an eye out for any official announcements from the production company or other news sources.

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Does Kuroyukihime Really Love Haru?

l can’t say for certain what Kuroyukihime’s feelings towards Haru are, as this is a matter of interpretation based on the events of the anime and light novel series.

However, throughout the series, there are many instances where Kuroyukihime shows a great deal of affection towards Haruyuki, also known as Haru.

She goes out of her way to help him and support him, and she often seems to be very happy in his company. In addition, there are several moments where Kuroyukihime’s actions and words suggest that she may have romantic feelings for Haru.

That being said, the relationship between Kuroyukihime and Haru is complex and multi-faceted, and it’s up to individual interpretation whether or not Kuroyukihime’s feelings towards Haru can be defined as love.

Ultimately, the exact nature of their relationship is open to interpretation, and viewers and readers may have different opinions on the matter.

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Why Is Haruyuki A Pig?

In the Accel World series, Haruyuki Arita is often referred to as a “pig” or “porcine” due to his physical appearance in the Accelerated World. When Haruyuki enters the virtual world, his avatar takes on a round and chubby appearance, resembling a pig.

The reason for Haruyuki’s avatar resembling a pig is not explicitly explained in the series, but it is likely meant to symbolize his low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy in the real world.

Haruyuki is often bullied and teased by his classmates due to his physical appearance, and he feels like an outcast. In the virtual world, his appearance as a pig may reflect his own negative self-image and feelings of worthlessness.

However, despite his appearance, Haruyuki proves to be a skilled and capable fighter in the virtual world, demonstrating that one’s appearance does not define their abilities or worth as a person.

Through his experiences in the virtual world, Haruyuki gains confidence and learns to overcome his insecurities, ultimately growing as a person both in the virtual world and the real world


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