Houseki no Kuni, also known as Land of the Lustrous, is a popular Japanese anime series based on a manga of the same name by Haruko Ichikawa.

The series follows the adventures of Phosphophyllite, a young gemstone who embarks on a journey to discover their purpose and protect their fellow gems from the danger of the Lunarians. The first season of Houseki no Kuni premiered in 2017 and left fans eagerly anticipating the release of a second season. Here’s what we know so far.

The Plot

Houseki no Kuni is set in a world where anthropomorphic gemstones live and work together. The gems are capable of fighting and transforming into various weapons to fend off the Lunarians, mysterious beings that seek to capture and destroy them.

The first season of Houseki no Kuni follows the story of Phosphophyllite, a young and fragile gemstone who is assigned to write an encyclopedia of their world.

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Over the course of the series, Phosphophyllite grows in strength and confidence and begins to uncover the truth about their past and their purpose in life. Along the way, Phosphophyllite befriends other gems and fights against the Lunarians who threaten their home.

The Characters

Phosphophyllite is the protagonist of Houseki no Kuni. They are a young and fragile gemstone with a Mohawk-like structure of crystals on their head. Phosphophyllite is determined to find their place in the world and protect their fellow gems from the threat of the Lunarians.

Cinnabar is a melancholic and lonely gemstone who is ostracized from their peers due to their toxic properties. They become friends with Phosphophyllite and assist them in their fight against the Lunarians.

Diamond is a powerful and highly respected gemstone who serves as the leader of the gems. They are initially skeptical of Phosphophyllite but gradually come to respect and trust them.

The Themes

Houseki no Kuni explores themes of identity, purpose, and mortality. The series also touches on the importance of friendship and the fear of being alone.

The Visuals and Soundtrack

Houseki no Kuni features stunning animation and visual design. The series uses a unique 3D CG animation style that brings the gemstones to life and captures the beauty and complexity of their world. The use of color and light in the series is also striking and adds to the overall aesthetic.

The soundtrack of Houseki no Kuni is equally impressive. The opening theme, “Kyoumen no Nami” by YURiKA, perfectly captures the intensity and urgency of the series, while the ending theme, “Kirameku Hamabe” by Yuiko Ohara, provides a sense of peace and tranquility.

Will There Be a Houseki no Kuni Season 2?

As of now, there has been no official announcement about the release of Houseki no Kuni Season 2. However, there is still hope for fans of the series. The first season of Houseki no Kuni was a critical and commercial success, and the manga series continues to be popular in Japan and around the world.

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Additionally, the anime series only covered a portion of the manga series, leaving plenty of material for a second season. Fans of the series have been eagerly anticipating the release of a second season and have been expressing their desire for more content on social media and other online platforms.


Houseki no Kuni is a unique and captivating anime series that explores complex themes and features stunning visuals and a memorable soundtrack. While there has been no official announcement about the release of a second season, fans of the series remain hopeful for its return.


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