Hundred is a Japanese light novel series written by Jun Misaki and illustrated by Nekosuke Okuma.

The story follows the adventures of Hayato Kisaragi, a young man who enrolls in the Little Garden, a prestigious academy that trains students to become “Slayers,” skilled fighters who use “Hundred” weapons to battle against “Savage,” powerful monsters that threaten humanity.

The first season of the anime adaptation of Hundred premiered in 2016 and left fans wondering whether there will be a second season. Here’s what we know so far.

The Plot

Hundred takes place in a world where humanity is threatened by mysterious creatures known as “Savage.” The only hope for humanity is the Little Garden, a floating island that houses the best Slayers in the world.

The main protagonist, Hayato Kisaragi, is a new student at the academy who possesses a rare ability to wield a “Hundred” weapon, a powerful weapon that can take on various forms.

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In the first season, Hayato and his friends fight against the Savage and uncover a conspiracy that threatens the existence of the Little Garden. The season ends with the defeat of the main villain and the restoration of peace to the Little Garden.

The Characters

Hayato Kisaragi is the main protagonist of Hundred. He is a skilled fighter and possesses a rare ability to use a “Hundred” weapon. Hayato is determined to protect his friends and the Little Garden from the Savage and any other threats that may arise.

Emile Crossfode is Hayato’s childhood friend and a fellow student at the Little Garden. She is a genius scientist and inventor who creates weapons and gadgets for the Slayers. Emile is also secretly a girl disguised as a boy, a fact that is revealed later in the series.

Claire Harvey is a talented Slayer and the captain of the Little Garden’s student council. She has a rivalry with Hayato but gradually comes to respect him as they fight together against the Savage.

The Themes

Hundred explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery. The series also addresses the dangers of power and the responsibility that comes with it.

The Visuals and Soundtrack

Hundred features stunning animation and visual design. The series captures the intensity of the battles between the Slayers and the Savage through its use of dynamic camera angles and detailed character designs.

The soundtrack of Hundred also adds to the emotional resonance of the series. The opening theme, “BLOODRED” by D-selections, captures the energy and determination of the series, while the ending theme, “EYES ON ME” by Rumi Okubo, provides a sense of hope and triumph.

Will There Be a Hundred Season 2?

Despite the popularity of the anime series, there has been no official announcement about the release of Hundred Season 2. Fans of the show have been eagerly waiting for news about the continuation of the series, but so far, there has been no confirmation of a second season.

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However, there is still hope for fans of Hundred. Many anime series have been renewed after a long hiatus, and it’s possible that Hundred could be one of them. The success of the light novel series and the popularity of the anime suggest that there is still a demand for more content.


Hundred is a thrilling anime series that captured the hearts of fans with its engaging characters, exciting action sequences, and powerful themes.

While there has been no official announcement about the release of Hundred Season 2, fans of the series are still hopeful for its return. With its stunning visuals, dynamic soundtrack, and captivating storyline, Hundred has the potential to become a beloved anime franchise for years to come.


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