Mieruko-chan is a popular Japanese horror-comedy manga series by Tomoki Izumi. The series follows the story of a high school girl named Miko who discovers that she has the ability to see ghosts and other supernatural creatures that are invisible to others.

The first season of the anime adaptation premiered in October 2021 and left fans eagerly anticipating the release of a second season. Here’s everything we know so far about Mieruko-chan Season 2.

The Plot

Mieruko-chan follows the story of Miko, a high school girl who discovers that she has the ability to see supernatural creatures that are invisible to others. As she struggles to cope with this newfound ability, Miko encounters various ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings that haunt her everyday life.

Throughout the series, Miko tries to maintain a normal life and hide her abilities from her friends and family. However, she is constantly forced to confront the supernatural creatures that threaten her and those around her.

With the help of her friend Hana and a mysterious boy named Sora, Miko tries to uncover the truth behind her powers and the supernatural world that surrounds her.

The Characters

Miko is the protagonist of Mieruko-chan. She is a high school girl who discovers that she has the ability to see ghosts and other supernatural creatures that are invisible to others. Miko is initially frightened and overwhelmed by her powers but gradually learns to use them to protect herself and those around her.

Hana is Miko’s best friend and confidante. She is kind and supportive of Miko and helps her to cope with her abilities.

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Sora is a mysterious boy who befriends Miko and Hana. He has an extensive knowledge of the supernatural world and helps Miko to understand and control her powers.

The Themes

Mieruko-chan explores themes of fear, coping with trauma, and the unknown. The series also touches on the importance of friendship and support in times of crisis.

The Visuals and Soundtrack

Mieruko-chan features unique and captivating animation that perfectly captures the horror-comedy tone of the series. The use of color and light in the series is also striking and adds to the overall aesthetic.

The soundtrack of Mieruko-chan is equally impressive. The opening theme, “Mieru Ko-chan” by YOASOBI, perfectly captures the creepy and playful nature of the series, while the ending theme, “Pond” by Gen Hoshino, provides a sense of melancholy and reflection.

Will There Be a Mieruko-chan Season 2?

As of now, there has been no official announcement about the release of Mieruko-chan Season 2. However, there is still hope for fans of the series. The first season of Mieruko-chan was a critical and commercial success, and the manga series continues to be popular in Japan and around the world.

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Additionally, the anime series only covered a portion of the manga series, leaving plenty of material for a second season. Fans of the series have been eagerly anticipating the release of a second season and have been expressing their desire for more content on social media and other online platforms.


Mieruko-chan is a unique and captivating horror-comedy anime series that explores complex themes and features stunning visuals and a memorable soundtrack. While there has been no official announcement about the release of a second season, fans of the series remain hopeful for its return.


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