Bartise Bowden of Love Is Blind and Izzy Fairthorne of Too Hot to Handle had a rocky ride on Perfect Match, so are they dating now

Bartise, famous for walking out on Nancy Rodriguez at the altar in Love Is Blind, dated his way through several women on Perfect Match, the last of whom, Nancy Rodriguez, eventually woke up from the bad dream that was her relationship with Bartise.

Bartise, in a surprising turn of events, ultimately settled on Izzy as his ideal partner. Despite being completely caught off guard by Bartise midway through the show, she still agreed to become a couple.

The Relationship Between Izzy And Bartise Was Not Ideal.

Perfect Match’s Bartise Bowden, Izzy, And Ines.

It should come as no surprise that Izzy and Bartise are not together after Perfect Match. In the series finale, Izzy and Bartise had an open and honest conversation on their one and only date.

The distance between them became apparent during the date. ‘Love Is Blind’ by Bartise resides in Dallas, while Izzy calls Manchester, United Kingdom home.

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Although he hinted on Instagram that a “trip across the pond” might be in order, it has not yet occurred. Furthermore, he should not forget that he dumped Izzy earlier in the season for Ines Tazi of The Circle: France.

At the end of their uncomfortable conversation, Bartise reverted to old, toxic patterns by telling Ines that he “built her up” the moment she showed faith in her own judgment.
Both Bartise and Izzy have taken to the single life.

Other Clues On Bartise’s Instagram Suggest He And Izzy Never Even Tried To Get Together.

Perfect Match Was Shot In February And March Of 2022, And Love Is Blind:

After The Altar was shot in the fall of the same year. Bartise feigned singleness during the Love Is Blind reunion.

He was interested in taking things with Nancy further, but she said she no longer wanted to be friends.

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Another example of Bartise’s inability to accept responsibility for his actions is his claim on Instagram that he spends a lot of time working out because there are “no b****es” in his life.

Commenters on Izzy’s Instagram are full of people hoping she has broken up with Bartise or praising her for doing so. In the words of one user:

“You did charity work by being with barstool smfh, distraught crying face emoji, you deserved better!” You’re too good for him, said another, and many supporters agreed.

Baritse and Izzy are still Instagram followers of each other, and the latter is also following Baritse’s band, Too Hot To Handle.

Izzy recently shared some photos of her and Bartise laughing and smiling on the set of Perfect Match. In spite of the drama that follows Bartise around like a shadow, it appears that these two were able to part ways amicably.

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