As a result of an explosive beach club party, Olivia Hawkins and Max Samuda have become the latest dumped couple from Love Island 2023. Since Olivia’s inciting remarks about Max, fans have been wondering what will happen to their relationship.

After weeks of following the couples in the South African mansion, the finale of Love Island 2023 has arrived. The show’s host, Maya Jama, will be back on the ITV program to announce the winners.

After 10 fresh faces and plenty of controversy, the show premiered on January 6, 2023, and now only four couples remain in the running for the title.

Samie and Tom Clare, Tanva Magenga and Muhammed, Sanam and Kai Fagain, L and Jenkins and Ron Hall, and Ron Hall and Samie are the finalists for the year 2023.

After Jesse Wynter and Will Young were eliminated from the Island the day before the finale, the winner was determined. When the winners are crowned and the cash prizes are announced, the season will end with a live broadcast.

Who Knew That Olivia Hawkins And Maxwell Samuda’s Journey To Love On Love Island Would Have Such A Surprising Turn?

Does anyone know if olivia and maxwell are still together The latest couple to leave Love Island is Olivia Hawkins and Max Samuda, and there’s a twist to their departure as well.

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The couples were informed that they would be responsible for voting off the next two eliminated contestants.After Olivia was labeled a villain by fans and fake by her castmate Jessie Wynter, host Maya Jama announced on the night’s episode of the ITV2

dating show that the pair who were a couple was getting chopped off, but the twist came when they were asked to choose the next contestants to leave the show.

The host announced that Olivia and Max were kicked off the island because they received the fewest votes, but ultimately the decision was up to Olivia and Max. Their final decision, after much deliberation, was to pair Claudia and Keanan.

As Claudia was leaving the villa, she explained that she was disappointed but could see why Olivia and Max had made their decision.

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Could You Tell Me If Olivia Hawkins And Maxwell Samuda Are Still Dating?

Fans were shocked by Olivia’s incendiary comments about Maxwell, which she made after she quit the show but before she and Maxwell confirmed their relationship status.

Unfortunately, Olivia and Maxwell’s time on the show had come to an end, but Olivia walked out with her head held high, proclaiming that she had found what she had been looking for in Maxwell.

It’s sad to leave these guys, but I found what I was looking for, so I’m happy to leave with him,” Olivia admitted. Fans are going crazy over her comments because an

outcome to their relationship is imminent. Maxwell, 23 years old, and fellow Islanders Martin Akinola and Jordan Odofin went to a launch party for Big Weekend last night, and they all appeared to be having a great time.

While Maxwell was away, Olivia, also 27, spent the day working at Capital Xtra FM and then watched a soccer game.

They were eliminated from the ITV2 dating show on day 45, just short of making it to the final.

In addition to receiving the fewest votes from the public, Olivia and Maxwell were also instructed to eliminate another couple from the competition; they chose Claudia Fogarty and Keanan Brand.

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Yet, “For A Bit Of Normalcy,” She Has Returned To Her Loved Ones At Home.

The actress has met his family before, including his dad and sister, and claims to feel as though she’s known them forever. Maxwell hasn’t met Olivia’s relatives just yet, but she plans to introduce him.

Liv’s former Love Island partner, Kai, won the competition, which has led to speculation that the couple has broken up.

On Monday night, Kai and Sanam were declared the winners of Love Island, but Liv’s reaction was rather subdued compared to what the viewers had been hoping for.

She shared a photo of the winners on her Instagram story, along with the caption “Happy for them,” and some heart-eye emojis.


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