To her delight, Tamar Braxton has found the one she’s been looking for. Reality TV star Peacock proposed to her runner-up, attorney Jeremy “JR” Robinson, on the series finale of Peacock’s Queen’s Court.

The reality dating series is hosted by Hollywood power couple Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete, and it features Braxton, Evelyn Lozada, and Nivea as they go on dates with 21 men competing to become their “kings.”

During the final moments of the season finale, Robinson proposed to Braxton, telling the singer, “If we were friends, I wouldn’t feel this way.To put it another way, that’s why I want to be your husband.

I Can’t Imagine Ever Leaving You, So I Plan To Stay Forever.

In Addition, Tamar, You Have My Undying Affection.

To Whom May I Propose Marriage?”

Braxton accepted the proposal and said, “I can’t believe I found what I was looking for.” when asked if she was “crazy” about JR.

After six months of dating, Braxton and Robinson are “busy planning their wedding,” according to the series.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with ET, Braxton explained why she decided to participate in the show: “Well, you know, look I had to find Mr. Right somewhere!”

She explained that she had searched extensively because she was hoping to find “potentials” through the site.When it comes to making new acquaintances, “I think I done ran out of people.”

The singer has stated that while she has seen her fair share of reality shows, she has a “love/hate” relationship with the genre. However, “Something told me to trust the process” when it came to the Queens Court.

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“What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

I’Ve Never Done Anything Like This Before. Can I Fall In Love?

” She continued. “One of my greatest accomplishments is this television show. Because I was able to spend quality time with some wonderful women whom I adore and respect, and who share my quest for happiness.

There were times when we were both incredibly vulnerable, and there were times when we were both incredibly amazing.”

As A Result Of Her Time On The Show, Braxton Was Able To Develop Both Personally And Spiritually.

The most important lesson she took away from the experience was that she was unprepared to receive love. Sometimes I resented it when guys made an effort to show their affection.

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I wasn’t always available for them to talk when they wanted to about certain topics. Before I went out on my own, I had to take a good hard look at myself to make sure this was a weak spot I needed to address.”

Braxton’s co-star Lozada also ended up in a serious relationship with her runner-up Lavon Lewis. Recently, the former Basketball Wives star shared the news that Lewis

proposed to Lozada on her birthday in December, during a low-key celebration in Los Angeles with close friends and family.

“Evelyn Is Very Hard To Surprise,” The Marketing Firm’s Co-Founder Said To People.

I told her to pack her bags because we were leaving.All the way to the front door, she had her eyes covered.

She was greeted by a small group of relatives and friends numbering in the twenties, as well as by a bouquet of roses and giant “marry me” letters.”

The engaged mother of two children said her fiancé did a “really, really good job” selecting her Twila True engagement ring, despite the fact that she hadn’t been expecting Lewis’ proposal despite their prior discussions about marriage.

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Lozada Remarked How Ideal Its Dimensions And Form Were.

I’ve never had that stone, so he did a great job restoring it. It doesn’t really shock me though. Lavon has a unique way of thinking, and he also has excellent memory.”

Asked what he hopes people take away from watching the Queens Court series, Lewis responded, “I would challenge people to think outside the box, have faith, and push themselves.”

‘I’m 40, my life’s over,’ you may think,’ Lozada continued.


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