Willjum face reveal

Willjum is a British YouTuber who mostly uploads videos of himself playing video games to his channel and also frequently broadcasts himself playing the same game on Twitch. Many people can’t wait for Willjum Face to be revealed so they can find out what he looks like. Thus, in this post, we will discuss Willjum Face Reveal and determine whether or not he has disclosed his identity.

About Willjum

Real Name Willjum
Nick NameWilljum
ProfessionYouTube star, Digital content creator and streamer.
Date of BirthJuly 22nd 2002

Willjum is an Englishman who competes professionally in e-sports and streams his gameplay online. In addition to that, he is popular on YouTube, he is a creator of digital content, he is popular on social media, and he is a creator of digital content.

He spent his childhood in the East Midlands of England, which is located in England but is technically a part of the United Kingdom. The 22nd of July, 2002 is his birthday.

Willjum gaming career

He had started to lose interest in Rust again by the middle of 2019. The main cause of this was that, after each wipe, he would feel as though he had accomplished nothing, which was a little demoralising. He then made the decision to try YouTube as a means of giving his in-game achievements some permanence.

Thus, in July 2019, he started posting videos to YouTube. He only began Twitch streaming in May 2020. In January 2021, he secured a Twitch partnership. While playing alone most of the time, he occasionally teams up with other streams, such hJune.

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Willjum face reveal

On Twitter, he made the announcement that the video of him revealing his face would be uploaded to his second channel on YouTube. Willjum spent a significant portion of his boyhood engaged in the activity of playing video games and watching stuff on YouTube that was relevant to the industry. As a result of this, one of his lifelong goals has been to achieve success on YouTube by creating viral videos.

Willjum real name

Up until now, Willjum has kept his real name a secret. Nonetheless, many of his followers refer to him as Will or William because they believe Willjum is a shortened version of “William.” Yet we cannot be certain.

Willjum real name

For his Rust gaming, the Streamer is most well-known. He primarily engages in multiplayer survival gaming on the Rustoria server. He is one of the few Rust streamers to enjoy significant success on social media.

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Famous work of Wiljum

Willjum’s videos “I Built the most hidden sky base in Rust…” (which has received 2.2 million views), “I Lived in an invisible Rust base with a hidden secret…” (which has received 2.4 million views), “I Built an OP underground base in Official Rust…” (which has received 2.7 million views), and “When a PvP God and a Solo Builder Play Rust… (Ft. Blooprint),” which has received 3.4 million views.

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Willjum earning and net worth

Willjum net worth

Willjum’s estimated net worth Willjum’s total assets, according to Star Stat, exceed $100,000. Since joining YouTube in 2018, he has amassed over 540k followers. He is also accessible on Twitter and Twitch. This suggests that he should continuously earn around $1,425 USD. For the second time, he began to get disinterested in Rust in the middle of 2019.

To Conclude

Wiljum is a very popular youtube streamer. He also stream on twitch and have massive following on other social media profiles as well. He doesn’t show his face in the video. People are very eager for the face reveal, we have shared every detail about it in the post.


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