Drista, a viral sensation on YouTube, has finally shown her face. She streams as “Dream’s Sister” and has a large following on Twitch because of her love of Harry Styles and One Direction.

This article will reveal Drista’s true identity, including her full name, age, height, and net worth.

Read on for the full lowdown on Drista Face reveal.
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Revealing The Drista Face

Drista is still hiding her identity. You can follow Drista on Twitter at @ drista_. She has zero interest in being outed to her fan base.

Dream, Drista’s sibling, is a popular Minecraft streamer on Twitch, where he has amassed 4.2 million viewers. Nobody in Drista’s family or personal life has been discussed publicly.

Drista Reveals Her Real Face on Instagram Name Drista, Stats (Age, Height, and Wealth)
Age 14 \sGender Female \sHeight Unknown \sNationality
Name on Twitter: @ drista_; Brother; Unknown; Marital Status: Single

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Common Name For Drista

Drista’s true identity remains hidden from view. Her brother Dream, however, announced her true identity in a Twitch stream: Bella. And so, we share the common belief that Drista’s true identity is Bella.

Drista’s real name is Danny Gonzalez, and he has a brother named Danny. When broken down, the name Drista means both “dream” and “sister.”

This is likely why the name has become so popular. Her brother’s tweet about how much she loves Harry Styles and One Direction helped establish her as a dedicated fan.

Drista’s Insta Pics

The Instagram presence of Drista is minimal at best. There is only one photo she has shared and only 1256 people who follow her. In the social media platform, she goes by the handle @dristalive. Additionally, this is not a verified account.

Drista Proportions

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Drista plays the multiplayer survival game SMP’s Dream Team. Every once in a while, she hops on her brother Dream’s streaming account. TommyInnit, a fellow Twitch gamer, is one of her friends. Since Drista’s stature is currently unknown, no data can be found regarding her height.

The Drista Age

According to Dream Team Fandom, Drista is currently 14 years old. However, neither she nor her brother have ever disclosed her true birth date, so we can only make educated guesses based on her popularity.

The Wealth Of Drista

Drista gets by financially thanks to her dedication and perseverance. No one knows how much money she has. But Naibuzz claims that her brother Dream’s net worth is $5 million.

In conclusion, Drista’s title on the Dream SMP, “The Goddess of Chaos,” is not far from the truth.

Many of the Dream SMP’s protagonists have compared their bets with her to “making a deal with the devil,” suggesting that she may be akin to the devil in the series.

Drista is known to distribute “prohibited” materials, such as bedrock and barrier blocks, shulker boxes, and end rods. She is currently the High Judge of the Kinoko Kingdom, where she also holds citizenship.


Drista’s possession by the other Dream SMP members has made him look very similar to Dream. However, there was that one time when she actually did possess Sapnap.

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Drista is naughty and often upsets Dream and Tommy with her antics, but she does pay attention to her older brother when she goes too far.

Drista rarely uses her abilities for harm, and instead causes mayhem before disappearing. She occasionally surprises us with her generosity, providing us with items we would never have access to otherwise.


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