Levi Inquisitormaster Face Reveal is now a well-typed topic online due to its popularity among viewers who enjoy his streams and live appearances while using the Vtuber avatar.

If you’ve been wondering what the deal is with the Levi Inquisitormaster Face Reveal and where to find the latest information, you’ve come to the right place.

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Levi’s Revealed Inquisitorial Master Face

If you can keep people of different demographics interested, you will attract a following. They want you to show off your appearance so they can attract a larger audience. In addition, if you’re already a fan of Levi Inquisitormaster, you may have noticed his avatar,

But What About His Face? A Face Reveal? Did He Pull That Off?

In general, you could have questions. Still, we haven’t seen a face reveal from Levi Inquisitormaster. Let’s all just wait until Levi Inquisitormaster reveals his real name and face, and then we’ll update this accordingly.

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The True Identity Of Levi Inquisitormaster

Zack is the real name of Levi Inquisitormaster, but he has never shown his face online. His real name is Zack, as both Alex and he have confirmed. Several images of people appear when we search for “Levi Inquititormaster,” but none of them clearly depict Inquisitormaster’s face.

That means that, officially, we still don’t know Levi Inquisitormaster’s identity. Within his channel or any of his other online profiles. Some of his closest streamers, however, refer to him as “Rhyuzaki.”

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Totem Of The Inquisitormaster, Levi

The current Levi logo features a black man with black hair and black eyes. His attire consists of a jacket-sweater, black pants, and spiked boots;

the jacket has a white collar and a black polo with a print of Miss Misa and the quote “Silly Goo” on it. Even down to his taste in music, he could be mistaken for an E-boy.

It’s common knowledge that Levi has the deepest squid voice, but anyone who’s ever heard CORPSE husband talk can attest to the fact that he sounds much more shallow.

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Inquisitormaster Levi’s Wiki

In “We Became Babies In Brookhaven RP… (Roblox),” Levi stated that he wished he could go back in time to the age of 28.

Is Levi taken, people often wonder However, Alex has come out and said that she and Levi are dating. Levi has remained silent on the subject.

However, no one can agree on whether Alex’s words are serious or a joke. As far as Levi’s team is concerned, he’s the only one who uses the muffled lips emoji.

Silly Goose Levi is the unofficial name of Levi’s channel. And Levi despises felines. The deep, manly tone of his voice ensures that he is never out of sight.


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