JoJo Siwa’s apparent pregnancy announcement caused her to go viral on all social media. Many people were surprised by this, given her youth and the fact that she had never previously expressed an interest in having children. The dancer, however, was joking; she is not actually expecting a child.

Those who care about pop culture are almost certainly familiar with the upbeat internet personality. JoJo Siwa, whose given name is Joelle Joanie Siwa, is a dance video star on YouTube who is incredibly popular with kids.

Over the past year, she has amassed over 11.4 million Instagram followers. She’s not only an influential figure, but she’s also been on shows like Dance Mom, Dancing with the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance.

In a recent Instagram story, JoJo Siwa bared her stomach. The internet celebrity showed off a moderate belly protrusion. She had one hand under her stomach as she rested on her back.

“Team BOY or Team GIRL?” Reads The Post’s Caption.

The dancer, however, is not actually expecting a child. Just after eating, her stomach expanded, and she proudly displayed the results.

Despite rumors to the contrary, JoJo Siwa is not expecting.We can rule out the possibility of the teen being pregnant. She posted a story on social media flaunting her bloated stomach, then another showing off her toned body.

A workout and a photo shoot go hand in hand here.That JoJo Siwa is not expecting a child will be made clear in the subsequent post. If she was actually pregnant, her belly would not have shrunk after her workout.

The alleged pregnancy post included a sticker reading “Food Baby,” which she used to reassure her followers that she was not, in fact, expecting. The internet celebrity simply made light of the fact that she looked pregnant after eating.

If she had planned to make a more public announcement of her pregnancy, she would have done so via a social media post, given how often she updates her followers on personal matters.

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Internet Users Discuss JoJo Siwa’s Fake Pregnancy.

To the influencer’s dismay, some of the internet’s users were quick to believe the hoax. They obviously haven’t seen her recent social media posts in which she appears noticeably more toned.

I guess nobody else noticed “Food Baby” in the caption. Internet users responded with hysterical tweets expressing their disbelief.This is what we know about the pregnancy rumors surrounding JoJo Siwa.

Pregnancy rumors concerning Siwa have been making the rounds on social media. The speculation began when a fan posted a video claiming Siwa was pregnant, despite the lack of any verifiable evidence.

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In Response To The Speculation,

Siwa Posted A Video To TikTok In Which She Stated Emphatically That She I Not Expecting.

After finishing her gymnastics routine, she joked that she got the news, but stressed that it was good news and not related to pregnancy. Although Siwa denied the rumors, they persisted online.

Siwa is out as gay and has been in relationships with Kylie Prew (in early 2021) and Avery Cyrus (in late 2022).

Some of Siwa’s fans are confused by the pregnancy rumors because they believe that Siwa’s sexual orientation makes pregnancy impossible.

Yet lesbians can have biological children because they have access to pregnancy resources like donors.

There is no truth to the rumors that Siwa is pregnant that have been circulating online. Important steps include not spreading rumors and waiting for official statements or evidence before drawing conclusions.

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Could JoJo Siwa Be A Mother?

In other words, JoJo Siwa does not have children. The bond between JoJo Siwa and her mother, Jessalynn, is strong.

Following their introduction to the public in 2013 on the reality television show Dance Moms, the dancer, singer, and internet sensation, now aged 19, and her mother have remained close.

Their own competition series, Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, airs on Peacock, and Jessalynn sees it as a dream come true because it gives them the chance to spend more time together.

“The best thing about working with my daughter is just spending time with you,” the proud parent, who is 46 years old, tells a source.

Jessalynn considers how fortunate they were to be able to spend each day on set together, a luxury that is not always available. She reflects on the fact that, as JoJo has gotten older, the value of that time has increased.

The fact that they were forced to spend 10 hours a day together on set, eat lunch together, and share a commute helped them become closer as a team.


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