In the season finale of Netflix’s “The Night Agent,” FBI Agent Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) averts disaster at Camp David after spending the season tracking down and evading an elaborate attempted assassination of President Travers (Kari Matchett) by a member of her own staff.

However, the large number of dead could make government administration difficult.

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The Secret Service and FBI directors have been assassinated. The domestic terrorist attack that would have resulted in Vice President Ashley Redfield’s (Christopher Shyer) inauguration as Commander in Chief resulted in the deaths of dozens of agents and the conviction of others for treason.

While Travers’ chief of staff, Diane Farr (Hong Chau), is killed in the bombing of the Metro station that started it all, Redfield is exposed as the plot’s driving force.

To prevent Travers from boarding Marine One while carrying bombs, Peter held her at gunpoint. However, she doesn’t seem to have taken this personally.

She’s so impressed that she’s prepared to award medals to him and Rose (Luciane Buchanan) for their perseverance in the face of constant danger.

Their anonymity is important to them, and they demand only that their leader tell them the truth about Peter’s biological father.

In “The Night Agent,” Gabriel Basso portrays Peter Sutherland.

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Peter has known since he was a kid that his father, who was an agent as well, leaked classified information from the Pentagon and was never brought to justice.

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Even after the Metro bombing pushed him into the spotlight and Farr put him in charge of the Night Action phone, Peter still struggles to shake this reputation.

Unfortunately, Travers’s father was a leaker, so he gives him the answers he seeks. In contrast to the story of a car accident that Peter was told, the real reason he was killed by a foreign operative was that he felt terrible about what he had done and wanted to become a double agent.

The resolution is not what Peter had hoped for, but he does gain something. If Netflix decides to renew the show, the major plot point that Travers introduces will involve him switching from his phone duty with Night Action to that of a On the other end of the line, we have a Night Agent.

The show’s creator and showrunner Shawn Ryan told Variety that if they ever decided to make a second season, “my thoughts have always been that we find Peter in asimilar to “different world” from the series finale’s implication.

Ryan, creator of “The Shield” and “S.W.A.T.,” and Basso discussed Ryan’s personal connection to the series, their casting of Oscar nominee Chau as Farr, and their desire to elevate the political thriller with Variety.

Shawn, on “The Shield” you dealt with corrupt law enforcement, on “S.W.A.T.” you performed heroic acts on the ground, and on “Timeless” you traveled through time. Just what was it about “The Night Agent” that made you want to read more political thrillers?

For Shawn Ryan:

It’s not a field I’ve ever tried my hand at before. In my mind, this sort of thing only belonged in the movies, and TV had a hard time competing.

I found that it was challenging to build a show out of a series of reveals followed by plot twists. In my mind, the answer was to delve even further into the protagonist’s psyche.

In the movies, you will find all the elements you enjoy so much in political thrillers. Relationships like Peter and Rose’s could be explored further, though.

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What Really Set This Apart For Me Was The Suddenness With Which My Father Passed Away.

While cleaning out his house, my brother and I came across newspaper clippings he had saved chronicling events he had never shared with us.

I was heartbroken that I would never get to ask my father about the things I always wanted to know the truth about and learn the answers from him.

Peter, played by Gabriel, has many burning questions about his father and the truth that drive the plot forward. That’s what made this more than just a political thriller and touched me deeply.


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