Harry Styles’s celebrity flings have included more than just Olivia Wilde. From Taylor Swift to Kendall Jenner, here is the “Watermelon Sugar” singer’s dating history.

Caroline Flack in 2011 In 2011, when Styles was just 17 years old and Caroline Flack was already in her 30s, the two were romantically linked. When Styles and the rest of One Direction appeared on the show, the host was a judge.

She later admitted in her autobiography, “Storm in a C Cup,” that she had known all along that he had a crush on her because he had “made it pretty obvious.” (Through Seventeen) He had “said it to friends and in magazines.”

They broke up because of the age difference comments from the public. Flack committed suicide by hanging herself in her London apartment in February 2020, at the age of 40.

Emily Atack, Year 2012

In 2012, Styles was romantically linked to British actress Emily Atack. The “Inbetweeners” star kept quiet about her relationship with the singer for two years before she finally spoke out about it.

“It was just something fun that lasted for a little while. “Then we went in different directions,” she said to Reveal Magazine (via Hello!) in 2014.

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Swift, Taylor, 2012-2013

The pair were spotted leaving the Central Park Zoo in New York City. There’s Taylor Swift and Harry Styles in this pic. Refer to:

SPL466347 021212 Illustration by Tom Meinelt / Splash News breaking news and photos photodesk@splashnews.com Los Angeles, New York
During the month of December 2012, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Splash
Once again, Harry finds love quickly.

There was a year between Styles and Swift. Despite the briefness of their love, the songs purportedly written by each artist about the other ensure that their relationship will never be forgotten.

There are those who think Swift’s “Two Ghosts” is about the “Willow” singer, while others say “…Ready For It” is about Styles.

They Parted Ways In 2013.

Nicole Scherzinger, The 2013 Idol

After his relationship with Swift ended, Styles began dating Scherzinger. “had a dalliance at the end of the X Factor in 2013 and met up again early last year,” a source told The Sun in 2015. “…

After Harry had grown up and become a member of the biggest band in the world, they reconnected over three years later.

He Was Only 19, And She Was 35.

Kendall Jenner, 2013-2014.

When Styles and Kendall Jenner began dating, it was the talk of the entire world. Apparently they went on several dates together.

Despite initial signs of romance, Seventeen reports that the two broke up in the spring of 2014, just two months after their relationship had begun. It wasn’t, however, the last time the two would work together.

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Year: 2014: Erin Foster

In 2014, there were reports that Styles and Erin Foster were an item. The Daily Mail reports that the couple enjoyed a trip to a pumpkin patch together.

It has been revealed that he is friends with David Foster’s daughter. his year and next, Nadine Leopold

Nadine Leopold and Styles started dating in. They went on numerous dates, including many froyo runs, before they broke up in March 2015.

Sara Sampaio, Year 2015

  1. Styles dated a few other Victoria’s Secret models besides Leopold and Jenner.
  2. After his breakup with Leopold in 2015, the singer briefly dated model Sara Sampaio.
  3. Fowler, Georgia, in 2015
  4. Styles moved on to model Georgia Fowler after his relationship with Sampaio ended.
  5. She even went as far as to post a video of her and Styles playing Scrabble on her then-current social media accounts, effectively broadcasting their relationship to the world.

Kendall Jenner, 2015-2016: Back Again

In 2015, after Styles had dated several other models, Jenner accepted him back into his life as a former member of One Direction.

After getting physical at a New Year’s Eve party, Page Six reported that they got back together.

Despite initial signs of commitment from both parties, the couple eventually split up after nearly a year of dating.

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Tess Ward (2017).

On July 1, 2015, in London, England, Tess Ward visited the Tiffany & Co. immersive exhibition Fifth & 57th at The Old Selfridges Hotel. (Tiffany & Co. image by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images)Picture Agency Getty for Tiffany & Co.

In 2017, Styles took a break from his typical model girlfriends and began dating food blogger Tess Ward. They were having an affair behind her mother’s back until she broke it off to reconcile with an ex.

Rowe, Camille, 2017-2019

  • After dating for a year, Styles and Camille Rowe broke up.
  • A common acquaintance brought them together at first.

This Year’s Kiko Mizuhara

Do you have any thoughts Make a remark.
The singer’s relationship with Kiko Mizuhara has been speculated upon as of late.

Her cover was blown when she was seen with him at his 25th birthday party, despite her initial denial that she knew styles.

Olivia Wilde, Enlarged Image 2021–2022.

Harriet Cyrus “Harry” Styles and Olivia Wilde “Olivia”
The news of Styles’s romance with Olivia Wilde spread like wildfire.

At a friend’s wedding in January 2021, the crooner was photographed holding hands with actress Olivia Wilde, shocking his legion of fans.

They continued their passionate relationship on beautiful vacations in Italy and while he toured the world in support of his album “Harry’s House.”


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