Is Karl Jacob Gay?

When Karl Jacobs began appearing in videos alongside MrBeast, he quickly became a YouTube sensation in his own right. Fans were curious about his sexuality and relationships because of his overnight prominence.

After all, when viewers see their favourite stars chatting it up in a video or on social media with a coworker, they can’t help but wonder if the chemistry between them is real.

American YouTuber Karl Jacobs (previously known as GamerBoyKarl) is a regular contestant in MrBeast’s challenges. Jacobs was offered a position with MrBeast five weeks before he was set to graduate from university.

The cameraman left school to be a part of the production. After The Viking quit the on-screen cast, Jacobs was given the chance to take part in the challenges.

The increasing fame of Jacobs resulted in an invitation from DreamSMP. In August of 2020, he signed up for DreamSMP, and in September of that year, he launched a gaming channel on YouTube. Jacobs, a Minecraft expert, has managed to amass 1.42 million members in just a year.

Karl Jacobs’s romantic history is the subject of this article. Karl Jacobs is not a homosexual.

What about MrBeast’s Karl Jacobs—is he gay? Who has he dated in the past, and has he addressed accusations of romantic involvement with other YouTube personalities? Read on to learn about Karl Jacobs’s sexual orientation and past relationships.

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Who Is Karl Jacobs?

Who Is Karl Jacobs?

GamerBoyKarl, as Karl Jacobs, is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber. Formerly known as “Game Patrol” on YouTube, he switched to streaming as “GamerBoyKarl” on Twitch in 2017.

Karl’s rise to fame began after he was featured on the MrBeast channel. He joined the channel in 2020 as a camera operator but quickly advanced to a regular on-screen role.

Jacobs’ slow rise to internet celebrity may be traced back to his willingness to participate in MrBeast’s pricey antics and bizarre challenges. In September of 2020, Jacobs became a member of the Dream SMP and launched a new, independent YouTube account.

Fans were relieved to learn that he was still a member of the MrBeast team after he announced his solo channel on Twitter in December 2020.

Jacobs has nearly 11 million followers on TikTok thanks to his wacky videos and entertaining Minecraft roleplay community streams. He also boasts a massive social media following, with over 4 million people following him on Instagram and 3.6 million people following him on Twitter.

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Karl Jacob’s Asexuality

Karl Jacob’s Asexuality

In late 2020, Karl announced his impending asexuality on the trainwreckstv podcast. Karl used Twitter to elaborate on his remarks on November 3, 2020. According to Karl, he “thought I was near to being asexual” on a recent episode of “trainwreckstv scuffed podcast.” Wanted to clarify that by “near to it but not 100% there” I mean that I am somewhere on the spectrum.

Asexuality is a continuum that includes a wide range of individual differences. The term “asexual” cannot be applied uniformly.

An asexual person, for instance, may have no desire for sexual activity on their own but would participate in it with a partner who did. An asexual person is one who, regardless of their surroundings, has no desire to engage in sexual activity.

Is Karl Jacob Gay?

Is Karl Jacob Gay?

Karl Jacobs’s sexuality and personal life have been shrouded in mystery ever since he first gained widespread attention. Some have speculated that the player may be gay because of his apparent attraction to Sapnap.

Yet this is not the case. Karl Jacobs put an end to the speculation regarding his sexuality in November of 2020.

In a tweet, Karl explained, “On trainwreckstv scuffed podcast the other day, I remarked I felt I am close to being asexual. His second sentence read: “I wanted to stress that when I say that, I mean like on the spectrum, I am close to it but not 100% there.”

Asexuality is a catch-all term for a variety of disorders. There is no one accepted definition of asexuality. You can find an asexual who has no desire for sexual activity yet is willing to engage in it with someone who does. An asexual is someone who, no matter what, has no desire for sexual activity.


Karl Jacobs came out as asexual in 2020. This spectrum is also known as the ace spectrum. During an interview with the trainwreckstve podcast, Jacobs said that he was “near to being asexual.”

Asexuality is not synonymous with aromantic behaviour, despite the fact that there is a wide spectrum of sexual orientations. It’s possible he’s looking for buddies rather than love.

Karl Jacobs has been open about his asexuality but less so about his actual sexuality. Until he comes out and says so, we have no way of knowing if he is homosexual, bi, or straight. We’ll wait for him to let us know how he identifies sexually.


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