Is Pedro Pascal Gay?

Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, said it best when she was trying to promote her lover in “Sex and the City”: “first come the gays, then the girls, then the [entertainment] industry.”

Actor Pedro Pascal, 47, who stars in “The Last of Us,” has become a household name in no small part due to his popularity among the LGBTQ community.

Second thought: “beloved” might be an understatement; “thirsted after” is more accurate; and the long-standing rumours that Pascal is gay contribute to the queer community’s thirst for Pedro Pascal.

When it comes to current television stars, Pedro Pascal is right up there. Currently, he plays the lead role of Joel on HBO’s smash hit new series, The Last of Us. The third season of the critically acclaimed HBO Max series The Mandalorian, in which he plays the titular role, premieres in March.

Not to mention his memorable performances in Narcos on Netflix, Wonder Woman: 1984 as the villainous Dr. Doom, The Unbearable Weight of Enormous Talent with Nicolas Cage, and many more films and television shows. The guy is absolutely crushing it.

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Is Pedro Pascal Gay?

Is Pedro Pascal Gay?

Pascal is an outspoken supporter of the LGBT+ community who has shared his views online for quite some time. He speaks out frequently on behalf of black transwomen who experience racism and violence in the United States and beyond.

In 2021, he uploaded a photo of his transgender sister Lux Pascal with the Spanish text “my sister, my heart, our Lux.” Pascal was essential in her transformation and aided her in her search for self-identity.

Pascal has maintained his privacy and avoided any official dating rumours, despite his large online following. Though many have made assumptions about his sexual orientation, he has never addressed the topic head-on.

Pascal has been nominated for and won a slew of acting awards because of his stellar performance. The HBO drama series “The Last of Us,” in which he currently stars, is the latest in a string of hits for the actor. Pascal is dedicated to his work and keeps his head down despite his achievements.

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Pedro Pascal’s Previous Relationships

Pedro Pascal’s Previous Relationships

Pascal is said to have dated Orange Is the New Black’s Maria Dizzia as early as 2010. In spite of the fact that neither of them appeared on a Law & Order series until 2006, a number of sites claim that they met on set in the 1990s.

They probably worked together on the set of an episode of Law & Order in 2008 called “Tango.” That fits with other claims that the romance, if it ever existed, petered out around 2011.

There have been rumours that Pascal had romantic feelings for a few other women, but all the evidence points to these relationships being purely platonic. There have been reports, for example, that he is dating the actress Sarah Paulson, with whom he has been spotted at many red carpet events.

Actually, it seems like they’ve just been buddies ever since they met as youngsters in New York City. As of right now, Paulson is taken with her current beau, Holland Taylor.

Lena Headey, who played Cersei Lannister on “Game of Thrones,” was also linked to Pascal. In 2014, when Pascal’s season of Game of Thrones aired, the two were frequently spotted together. There were even whispers that Headey’s second child, born in 2015, was Pascal’s. Yet she eventually admitted that her current spouse, Dan Cadan, was the father.


Pedro Pascal’s Previous Relationships

Pascal has a lot of fans in the Hollywood community. He and his co-star in The Last of Us, Bella Ramsey, always compliment each other.

His bond with Oscar Isaac is sweet and flirtatious. After working together on a single episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer over 20 years ago, he and his former co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar have repeatedly praised each other.

It’s remarkable to see such much support for one man. Whether or not he is conscious of the impact of his modern approach to masculinity on his popularity, it is undeniable that he is serving as a role model for young Latino males and the rest of Hollywood.

Let us not forget that there are pros and cons to becoming an extremely popular and beloved celebrity. It doesn’t take much to turn the tide. Inappropriate inquiries are possible.

The person may remark something out of context and have it used against them. Nonetheless, for the time being, Pascal’s popularity persists due of his unwavering honesty. This gay Puerto Rican appreciates him so much because he represents the Latinx community.

In example, Oscar Isaac, a fellow member of the Star Wars universe whom Pascal met while filming a play in 2005, has been linked to Pascal on occasion.

There is no actual indication that they are anything more than good friends, although there is evidence that they aided each other during their early acting careers and have stayed close. Also, in 2017, Isaac wed Elvira Lind.

Pascal does appear to feel at home with members of the LGBQIA+ group.


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