Sal Vulcano, an improvising stand-up comedian, is not only a member of the Tenderloins but also a star of the Impractical Jokers series on TruTV.

Sal, James Murray, Brian Quinn, and Joe Gatto, four lifelong friends and fellow members of The Tenderloins, formed the core of the comedy reality show, which is now in its tenth season.

The cast members, or Jokers as they prefer to be called, are often the ones getting pranked, rather than making clueless bystanders the butt of jokes, which is what makes the show unique among prank shows.

Vulcano is a private person who, despite his jovial and prankster public persona, prefers to keep his personal life under wraps.

Sal Vulcano Revealed His Sexual

Orientation In A Skit For The Pilot Of The Impractical Jokers Spin-Off Jokers Wild In 2014.

The pilot episode of The Tenderloins’ spin-off series from Impractical Jokers, Jokers Wild, premiered on September 25, 2014. Sally Jessy Raphael, a popular daytime talk show host from the 1990s and early 2000s, appeared as a guest on a talk show skit in this episode.

Vulcano revealed his sexual orientation to his friends in front of a shocked audience after saying he had a secret that was “eating him alive.” A short while later, James Murray echoed the sentiment:

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“Because [Sal] Was So Brave,

I Feel The Need To Share A Confession Of My Own. Guys, I’M Gay, Too.

In an unexpected turn, Vulcano revealed that his confession was just a ploy to get his friend Murray to come out of the closet.

My best friend James is now out and it makes me happy. That’s why I decided to bring him in today. I’m straight, but I figured if I pretended to be gay, Vulcano would have to admit that he was the gay one.

The second half of the skit, however, reveals that Murray was also acting out the confession in order to set up further improvised humor.

Many casual viewers, however, believed that the elaborate prank for the spin-off show was an actual episode of a talk show and that Vulcano’s coming-out story had actually taken place.

Sal and James Murray were only pretending to be gay for the sake of the performance, so take that as you will. And on September 25, 2020, Murray married his fiancee Melyssa Davis.

Francesca Muffaletto, Sal’s longtime Partner And Fiancée, Is Rumored To Be His Wife.

Sal Vulcano is known for his extreme privacy, and the public has never known whether or not he is married. His wedding, however, became public knowledge on Tumblr on December 13, 2019.

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A site member who saw Vulcano perform in Boston the night before reported seeing a wedding band on the musician’s left ring finger. When questioned about the ring, Vulcano allegedly admitted that he was married to his girlfriend of eight years, Francesca Muffaletto.

“[Sal] Was Sporting A Wedding Band, And He’s Now Married, As He Confirmed.

According to him, he and Francesca have been together for eight years, during which time they’ve become very happy and in which he’s fallen deeply in love with her.

However, there were a few cynical commenters who claimed they never saw Vulcano’s wedding band on the show and therefore concluded that he was not married. Fans were also confused by the fact that he neither confirmed nor denied the dating rumors at the time.

Sal Vulcano first spoke publicly about his fiancee on Robert Kelly’s podcast, calling her “terrific.”
The first time Vulcano publicly discussed his fiancee was on Robert Kelly’s You Know What Dude podcast in June of 2019.

Kelly: “Sal is just the nicest guy in the world, he is just the sweetest and your fiancée is nice too which never happens.”

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Sal Then Gushed About His Fiancee, Who We Can Assume Is Francesca, Saying,

“she is terrific.” His fiancée was praised for her dancing skills by Eleanor Kerrigan, another comedian on the podcast.

There were rumors that the wedding took place on September 8, 2019, but no one has ever confirmed this. Vulcano hasn’t said much publicly about his supposed marriage or his partner since June 5, 2020, when he tweeted:

Truly candid inquiry. How has your experience been if you’re in a relationship with someone who has different political views than you do? How do you and your partner establish shared interests and goals.


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