The annual celebration of the founding of the Knights of Columbus takes place on March 29. The first council of the order was established on this day in the basement of St. New Haven, Connecticut’s St. Mary’s Church, by Father Michael J.

McGivney and other like-minded Catholics. Nearly two million people across more than sixteen thousand councils make up the order, which was established to alleviate the plight of the poor, Catholics, and Irish immigrants.

The Knights take a stand against controversial social issues like same-sex marriage and abortion, representing the Catholic Church’s official stance on these matters.

Methods For Celebrating Christopher Columbus’s Birthday

Some Suggestions For Commemorative Activities Are Below.

Visit the Guild of Father McGivney website to find out more information about Father McGivney. You could also sign up for the Guild.

It’s not a requirement that you be a Knight. Try picking up a book about the Knights of Columbus or Father McGivney.

Participate in the Columbus Knights. Focus on the goals of the Knights of Columbus, the organisation as a whole, and the successes of your local council if you are a member of one.

o to the upcoming Knights of Columbus event in your area. Take a trip to New Haven to check out the Knights of Columbus Museum.

Stop by the Knights of Columbus-run Saint John Paul II National Shrine in the nation’s capital.

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Knights In The Age Of Columbus’s Discovery

Irish-American Michael Joseph McGivney served as a Catholic priest in New Haven. On August 12, 1852, he entered this world.

A mutual aid and fraternal insurance organisation for Catholic workers and immigrants, he established the Knights of Columbus in a local church in 1882.

(U.S.). McGivney passed away in 1890 from pneumonia in Thomaston. The process of canonising McGivney was begun in 1996 by the Archdiocese of Hartford.

With his beatification approved on May 27, 2020, McGivney will enter the “blessed” state before being canonised a saint. McGivney will not be canonised until a second miracle is attributed to his intercession.

In the 20th century, the Knights of Columbus expanded to become the largest Catholic fraternal organisation worldwide.

It provides support for people seeking asylum, Catholic schools, parishes, dioceses, and international Catholic political and social issues.

The Knights defend the Church’s stance against such social issues as gay marriage and legalised abortion.

The Catholic community can also take advantage of their banking services. Its financial advisers also make investments in line with Catholic social teaching.

The four tenets of the order are also referred to as its degrees. Charity, friendship, brotherhood, and nationalism all fall into this category. Members need to have these credentials to foster group cohesion and cooperation.

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A Picture Of Father Michael McGivney Should Be Shown.

To show respect for Father Michael McGivney, a portrait of him can be put on display. You can get materials ready to help educate people about why this party is being held.

Throw A Thank-You Party.

The local pastor or priest should be recognised on this special day as well. Cook up some delicious food and serve it to them.

Go To The Safe Haven.

Planning a family picnic or get-together following a reserved mass. Spending time with loved ones is the best way to celebrate this day.

Five Interesting Tidbits About Mediaeval Knights And The First World War

In the United States, the Knights set up military welfare centres during World War I and later took part in programmes to help veterans find work, further their education, and acquire new skills.

In this case, the Knights of Columbus were against a law. The Oregon Compulsory Education Act, which forbade Catholic and other parochial schools, was challenged by the Knights of Columbus.

The Group’s Official Publication

The works of W. E. B. Du Bois (The Gift of Black Folk), George Cohen (The Jews in the Making of America), and Frederick Schrader (The Germans in the Making of America) were all written to challenge bigotry against America’s diverse population.

Money For Times Of Economic Hardship

When the economic downturn of the 1890s hit the United States, the National Council urged state and local chapters to set up relief funds for their members.

Presented 2018 Gifts

Over $185 million and 76 million volunteer hours were reported as being donated by the order in 2018 by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

Those in need are the primary focus of the organisation.The charitable and service work that the Knights do in the community is now widely recognised. The organisation has always been dedicated to helping those in need.

McGivney Was An Important Person In History.

Not only was he extremely caring and courageous, but he also had remarkable emotional intelligence. The Knights of Columbus, whose goal was to protect Catholic beliefs, carry on the tradition.

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He Supposedly Had Miraculous Powers.

The child’s life-threatening condition was cured during pregnancy, and the Vatican publicly declared this to be a miracle.

The Vatican requires evidence of a miracle credited to the candidate’s intercession before proceeding with beatification.


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