National Little Red Wagon Day is observed annually on the last Wednesday of March to honour all the happy childhood memories and new ones yet to be made. Together, adults and children can unleash their creativity and have fun with an iconic toy that has been around for decades.

National Radio Flyer Day: A Brief Overview of Its Past

The Radio Flyer Company began making toys in 1917 in Chicago. The company got its start selling tool carts and phonograph cabinets made of wood.

People were more interested in the waggons than the cabinets, so the business decided to stop making cabinets altogether.

In 1927, the company decided to switch to making metal waggons because demand had outstripped supply.

After rebranding in 1930 as Radio Steel & Manufacturing and naming its new red waggons after Marconi (the inventor of the radio) and Lindbergh (an aviator), the name “Radio Flyer” became popular.

Since then, this business has been marketing these waggons to customers. They rebranded as Radio Flyer from their former name of Radio Steel & Manufacturing in 1987.

To celebrate their 100th year in business, Radio Flyer created National Radio Flyer Day in 2017.

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Radio Flyer has been making people happy and giving them fond childhood memories for almost a century.

Radio Flyer is a company that believes strongly in the benefits of children’s unstructured play time outdoors.

Radio Flyer is planning to celebrate their 100th anniversary by creating a day dedicated to kids’ creativity and the waggons that allow them to explore the world.

This classic plaything has stood the test of time better than almost any other toy. For decades, kids have pushed red waggons in Independence Day parades, embarking on endless adventures in their minds.

A little red waggon can become a cherished heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. Everyone, no matter their age, loves the adventures.

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Instructions For Celebrating Little Red Wagon Day

With the arrival of spring comes the perfect opportunity to get kids outside, moving, and letting their imaginations run wild. Share online with the hashtag #LittleRedWagonDay and mention @RadioFlyer.

Celebrations for the Day of the Little Red Wagon Rally the crimson chariots Bring out the red waggon your family has been passing down through the generations or the one you found in the attic and take a stroll around the block.

Spread the word to your neighbours that it’s Little Red Wagon Day so you can all go sailing through the parks and streets with your kids.

See Films With Cute Little Red Waggons

The small red Radio Flyer waggon has appeared in numerous movies and television shows. The documentary “Little Red Wagon” is another option. Watch one of these films as a family while munching on some popcorn.

Put Up A Photo Of Yourself With A Cute Red Waggon

Not only should you encourage your kids to ride in a waggon today, but you should also hop in the back and take a selfie to share on social media along with a funny story from your own childhood. Spread some cheer and celebration by using the hashtag #LittleRedWagonDay.

Traditions Celebrated On Little Red Wagon Day

Year Date Day

2022 Tuesday March 29th, 2023;

Wednesday, March 29th, 2024;

Friday, March 29th, 2025;

Saturday, March 29th, 2026;

Sunday, March 29th, 2027

Check out the full list of March holidays we’ve compiled for you, from Special Interest days to other Activities days.

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This page will be regularly updated to include the most recent and relevant information about Little Red Wagon Day. Be sure to return for further updates.

While the iconic red waggon may be Radio Flyer’s most recognisable product, the company also produces tricycles, scooters, ride-on toys, and battery-operated vehicles, among other things.

Radio Flyer Adventure Travel is the first children’s travel agency and a tribute to the sense of wonder and exploration that inspired the company’s products.

The concept was motivated by the inherent creativity and playfulness of children, with the goal of providing children with an experience that gives form to their fantasies.

Children were greeted by friendly travel agents at Radio Flyer Adventure Travel, who assisted them in choosing the ideal Radio Flyer vehicle for their imagined journey.

Radio Flyer has been encouraging kids to use their imaginations, venture forth into the world, and discover new places for a century now. Radio Flyer products are ready to go wherever kids’ imaginations take them, and this one-of-a-kind travel agency helps bring the fantastical to life.

Events, a children’s book, and the introduction of brand new, highly anticipated products are just a few of the ways Radio Flyer will be celebrating all year long.


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