On the last Wednesday of every March, Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC) organises a day called National Governance Professionals Day to raise awareness about the importance of governance professionals and to celebrate their achievements.

Professionals in the field of governance are lauded for their crucial role in ensuring that stakeholder value is created and preserved in Canada.

The Development of National Government Experts Shortly after the Toronto Stock Exchange (T.S.X.) published the

“Where Are The Directors?”

GPC is Canada’s premier community for governance professionals, having been rebranded in 2016 to be more inclusive of the many professionals within the governance function.

By focusing on its members, GPC works to advance best practises in governance, set the bar for excellence in Canadian corporate oversight, and raise the profile of the country’s top governance experts.

With a growing community of over 4,000 like-minded professionals and an approximate 700 members, GPC focuses on those whose duties are typically associated with corporate governance in Canada,

including corporate governance specialists, corporate counsel, and the heads of compliance, risk, and legal, as well as other governance-related functions The group’s members are concerned with all facets of corporate governance,

Canadian governance professionals may rely on GPC for timely and relevant professional development education, access to relevant industry resources, engaging networking events, and a distinctive designation programme, the GPC.D.

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How To Celebrate Federal Workers Day

Say something nice or get them some coffee, brunch, or flowers.Learn more about the principles of good corporate management.
Learn more about the importance of governance professionals and the significance of corporate governance. Visit www.gpcanada.org for more details.

Put Up On Your Social Media Pages!

Honor those who work in governance and spread the news amongst your peers on social media. Spread the word and tell people why this day is important to you, your friends, family, and colleagues by using the hashtag #GovernanceProfessionalsDay.

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Come On Board Or Suggest Someone Else Who Should Join The GPC

Members of the GPC have access to a wealth of valuable resources and benefits designed specifically with those in corporate governance in mind. Join GPC or tell a coworker about it.

The GPC Membership Referral Program is a great way to save money and get exclusive perks that aren’t available anywhere else. For information on joining, please go to www.gpcanada.org.

Advance Your Career In Administration

You can get ahead in your career as a governance expert with the right training, like the GPC.D certification programme. There is no other professional designation programme for governance experts in Canada than the GPC.D.

This is a chance for them to improve their expertise and contribute to the betterment of their boards and organisations’ governance procedures.

Five Motives To Join GPC

Professional training of the highest calibre can greatly benefit your career.

You can further your career in the field of governance by taking advantage of formal education, professional development sessions, webinars, on-demand learning, and events designed to keep you abreast .

Develop Robust Relationships With Similar colleagues

Join an active and influential community by participating in various networking functions, such as regional chapters, an online community, and highly regarded knowledge opportunities.

The GPC community is open to all professionals who share similar interests and provides them with direction, insight, fellowship, and support.

Unlock Access To Privileged Industry Resources

Get access to information, tools, and resources that have been curated and can be relied on, such as a glossary, links to regulatory resources, forums for requests for assistance, employment postings, a monthly electronic newsletter, a supplier directory, and relevant professional publications.

Through Advocacy, You Can Rise To prominence And Enjoy Financial Success In Your Field.

Build long-lasting Ties.

The GPC is able to present a comprehensive perspective on corporate governance because of its affiliations with other national and international organisations that share similar values and goals.

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Way National Governance Professional Day Is Important

On This Special Day, Governance Professionals Are Honoured.

They are obligated to provide a guarantee that the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as follows good corporate governance standards. That is a challenging undertaking, and we applaud their commitment and tenacity.

The importance of the GPC cannot be overstated.

Since 1994, the Governance Professionals Canada (GPC) has served as the voice of governance professionals in Canada.


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