The goal of SimilarWeb is to provide rough estimations of how much overall website traffic exists. Referring sites, social traffic, and top search phrases are just some of the six major categories that show you where your competitors’ visitors are coming from.

So Why Is SimilarWeb So Helpful?

You can check where your competitors are getting their traffic from, even though SimilarWeb isn’t perfect.
Sources of Traffic on Similarweb
That’s gold for those working in search engine optimization or content promotion.

It’s a simple method to see who the major companies are and how big they are in your industry.

  • Alternatives to Similarweb
  • In addition, you may utilize SimilarWeb to learn additional specifics about your competitors’ and industry’s most valuable referral sources, for instance.
  • Useful Links on Similarweb
  • SimilarWeb Pro gives you access to a plethora of capabilities, such as information on device usage, audience demographics, and social media traffic.
  • SimilarWeb – Premium Functionality
  • Basic Characteristics
  • Condition of Traffic
  • There is value in using SimilarWeb even if merely for the “Traffic Overview” feature.

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Overview Of Traffic On Similarweb

To get started, just head over to and type any Website into the search bar. (Pro Tip: If you perform a lot of competitive analysis,

it can be quite convenient to have access to SimilarWeb data for any website you visit with just one click by creating a custom bookmarklet or installing the SimilarWeb Chrome extension.

Now, without further ado, let me highlight the salient points in this part.

Amount Of Visits

The “Total Visits” graph displays an approximation of a site’s monthly traffic as well as a trendline depicting the site’s traffic over the previous six months.

Total Similarweb Pageviews

From what I’ve seen, this information is generally reliable, however it won’t give you a precise count of how many people visit a competitor’s site each month.

Yet, it is correct in the sense that it provides a somewhat reliable indicator of intersite traffic volume.

Compare the numbers of visitors to my site with Moz, for instance.

Backlinko vs. Moz: Total Visits on Similarweb

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How Does This Information Help?

Thus, if you’re venturing into uncharted waters or working with a customer in a field you know little about, this report will give you an idea of where you stand.

This knowledge would be impossible to attain without the SimilarWeb data used for competitive intelligence.

Measurements of Participation and Retention

Engagement metrics such as average visit length, page views, and bounce rate can also be viewed.

Engagement On Similarweb

This information should be used with caution; for example, you shouldn’t conclude that “Site A has a bounce rate of exactly 72.5 percent, which is 10.5 percent better than our website” based solely on this data.

In Any Case:

If you see that a rival website has a much lower bounce rate than your own, this could be an indication that you could benefit from making some changes.


Engagement And Bounce Rate On SimilarWeb

If your bounce rate is 70.35 percent, we’re roughly on the same page; if mine is 88.52 percent, perhaps I’m doing a better job of keeping readers interested on my site.

Causes Of Traffic

The “Traffic Sources” graph is a crucial component of this study.

Sources Of Traffic On Similarweb

This chart is extremely helpful for determining where you should concentrate your content marketing efforts because it illustrates what percentage of a site’s traffic originates from each of these channels: direct, referrals, search, social, email, and display advertising.

Take, for instance, the case where you intend to compete with my blog in the search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing (CM) fields.

To begin, you should check out my most successful channels.

That’s how you can begin to make headway.

One strategy is to focus more heavily on channels that the competition isn’t using.

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Displaying Backlinko’s Traffic Sources

Which means there’s room for you to create an impact on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, which accounts for about 3% of my traffic according to SimilarWeb.


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