In many ways, my experience in the public education system was similar to yours. There were more students than resources available, so you had to prioritize survival over pursuing your goals.

The universe revolved around who was having sex with who on Friday nights and who was playing on the football team.

And I, Too, Felt Hemmed In…

The United States Air Force Academy is an option I’m considering. I shared this information with my high school advisor. Tom was his name.

Students from my school don’t frequent the establishment. But if you maintain a high GPA, you can begin taking college courses at the local Community College during your final year of high school. ”

If Tom is wrong, I can’t say I’m surprised. He wasn’t stupid or a wimp; he merely accepted defeat gracefully.

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I’M Not, Though.

By 2007, I had earned the highest level of military clearance and become the youngest US Air Force Officer in history to command 200 nuclear ICBMs from a secret underground bunker.

I am pleased to inform you, Captain Bustamante, that your commission as an Air Force officer will be extended for a further five years. ”She was the most pleasant HR representative ever, but she was as incorrect as Tom.

I will not be requesting an extension, ma’am. I believe that outside the office is where I will find the most success. I went to war-torn Africa as a volunteer with no concept of what kind of success I may find there.

Sounds like paradise, with its limited resources, lack of outside help, and complete anarchy.

Even if I couldn’t save the world, I imagined maybe I’d find a cool hippy girl with a large heart and some serious nerve. And in typical action movie fashion, our missions would be fraught with peril, clever repartee, and hot climaxes.


A Flashing Red Screen Appeared In The Middle Of My Online Application…

“HOLD ON RIGHT NOW: you might be qualified for other federal jobs. Are you willing to put your application on wait for the government to contact you in 72 hours? ”

I was a young, unmarried man of 27 looking for excitement, so naturally I said “yes.”

Twenty-four hours later, my phone rang and it was an unidentified caller from area code 703.

Would You, Andrew Bustamante,

Be Willing To Take A Flight To Another

City For A National Security Interview Outside Of The Nation’s Capital?””

Before FedEx delivered the ticket and hotel confirmation the following morning, I thought it was a prank.I couldn’t have asked for a better adventure than this…

During my time at the CIA, I was always on the go, tracking down criminals, foiling terrorist plans, and stealing state secrets from governments around the world. My big-hearted hippie wife (who was also recruited by the CIA on her way to Africa…) made every win that more sweeter.

She wasn’t as hairy as I had originally dreamed, but she was more fearless than I could have ever imagined, and together we worked as a “tandem pair,” a phrase for legally married covert agents.

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“Andy, I’M Pregnant.”

The Pace Of Life Is Really Rapid.

And learning your wife is pregnant while serving covertly in a hazardous nation is a moment of immense terror and exhilaration that will stay with you forever…

What Do You Think Of It, 27-Year-Old You?

It was a great honor to serve the American people in uniform and undercover. Yet, we did not want to give up our family for the life that the CIA had in mind for us. Hence, we had to abandon our secret sibling group and join our new family.

The readjustment to regular life was the most challenging experience of my life.It took the CIA two years to examine our operations, and even after we left, we had to maintain our cover identities.

We just had a false resume created by a low-level CIA secretary and no actual work experience to back it up. After being homeless for six months and raising a one-year-old in my in-laws’ garage, I finally realized…

Put an end to treating life like a chore and start treating it like a covert CIA operation.

I Used What I Had Learnt At The CIA To Help Me Out Now…

Networking like a spy helped me get a high-paying corporate job for which I was not qualified. With the use of my spy influence talents, I was able to establish myself as a highly sought-after candidate in my field.

The firms I worked for benefited greatly from my spy ops expertise, which I exploited to make them market leaders in productivity and efficiency.

After living in a windowless garage for four years with my wife and child, I was able to get into the top three percent of American earners thanks to my spy talents.

When that happened, we understood we had to teach the world what the CIA had taught us.

My wife and I have big dreams for our kids, but we know we can’t make that dream a reality without help. To make the world a better place, we need courageous, hardworking people with amazing skills.

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Our Planet Requires Saviors.

Heroes, after all, are created from regular folks like you and me. Training makes heroes rather than birth. Educated to be more formidable and effective than any adversary they would meet. There’s no way I can disregard that assignment.

That’s an exciting opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. Only One Shot. Absolutely No Give!


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