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Mr. Nightmare, real name Tyler Benjamin Ventura (born May 2, 1992 [age 30]), is an American YouTuber who specialises in horror-themed read-aloud videos with subtitles. Genuine Real-Life Horror Tales, among others, is a popular anthology series.

Mr. Nightmare’s real name is Tyler Benjamin Ventura. As he hides so much information about himself, there is a lot we don’t know about him. Yet, he is a native of the Big Apple.

In addition, Mr. Nightmare’s channel has over 5 million subscribers. Within a few hours, his videos amass thousands of views. More than 240 videos have been uploaded on his channel.

There has never been a facial reveal from Mr. Nightmare. Those in attendance just heard his voice. There is, however, an image of a man who is widely believed to be Mr. Nightmare. Mr. Nightmare has always denied that the picture is real.

His recordings are amazing in that they are incredibly fascinating to listen to. Mr. Nightmare hid his identity in all of his recordings.

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About Mr. Nightmare

About Mr. Nightmare

Mr. Nightmare’s channel features primarily true and horrifying stories. His videos typically have horror-thriller or supernatural elements, although he also dabbles in the subgenre of psychological horror.

His material ranges from terrifying bugs in video games to terrifying actual horror stories. While his earlier videos often featured creepypastas, interactive horror stories, and other forms of fiction, he has since shifted his attention to documenting actual events. Although some of his older videos have been reuploaded by other YouTubers, the vast majority of his work has been deleted or made private.

The majority of his films feature him reading terrifying tales aloud from the first-person perspective, typically accompanied by creepy music and sound effects. He accepts scary stories from his subscribers to read on camera and broadcast on his channel.

He also creates horror-themed stuff including movie clips, Top 10 lists, and third-person narratives that aren’t based on real events. His videos are uploaded on an as-needed basis, but his channel’s banner claims that he posts twice weekly.

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Face Reveal Of Mr. Nightmare

Face Reveal Of Mr. Nightmare

There has never been a facial reveal from Mr. Nightmare. All his fans could hear was his voice. The face of Mr. Nightmare, however, has been depicted. Mr. Nightmare has always denied that the photo is real. One of the best things about his videos is how original they are. In none of his videos did Mr. Nightmare show his face.

The local populace is familiar with Mr. Nightmare’s voice but not his appearance.

Though the YouTuber never said it publicly, his audience can likely deduce that he has the freedom to maintain a split between his online persona and his private life.

Real  Name Of Mr. Nightmare

Real  Name Of Mr. Nightmare

Mr. Nightmare’s real name is Tyler Benjamin Ventura. Since he is so protective of his privacy, we know very little about his outside life. Yet, he is a native New Yorker. More than 5 million people have subscribed to his channel, Mr. Nightmare. Within just a few hours, his films become more popular than before. He currently has over 240 films available on his channel.

Mr. Nightmare is very private, thus nothing is known about his personal life. Only his voice has been heard so far; he has never done a facial reveal. There is a purported photo of Mr. Nightmare’s face, although he has never commented on its veracity. New York is his home town.

Mr. Nightmare once met a mysterious visitor near the caravan he lived in during the warm months. The caravan was broken into, as was discovered later. His real life tale is told in this video.

Mr. Nightmare said his mother was sick and he was taking care of her in a deleted Q&A video.


YouTuber Tyler Ventura, aka “Mr. Terror” in August of 2014. His initial video was titled “Never Welcome in Strangers,” and he’s been posting other types of scary videos ever since.

His channel features all manner of terrifying content, from real-life horror stories and creepypastas to horror-themed countdowns and spooky video snippets. For fans of such gruesome fare, this is a one-stop shop. The YouTuber also accepts submissions of scary stories from his audience, which he reads out loud and posts on his channel.

Videos like “8 Bizarre & Horrifying Videos Captured on GoPro,” “8 Extremely Scary Hidden Chambers Discovered in Homes,” and “10 Nightmarish Creatures you will be Happy are Extinct” are among his channel’s most viewed content.

With over 15 million views, the first horror video showcases some of the most terrifying footage ever captured by the GoPro action camera. The second film, with over 9.2 million views, is about some mysteriously haunted rooms.

The third film, with over 7.2 million views, provides a rundown of some terrifying extinct animals. Other videos by Ventura are just as terrifying and fascinating as these.


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