Yogesh Ji (Daroga Happu Singh) is the prankster of our cast and crew. His antics never fail to put a smile on our faces. But I decided to pull a practical joke on him one day, and it was a success (laughs).

Aapki mucche thodi tedhi lag rahi hai” was something I uttered on set. A quick call to his makeup artist had him having the problem fixed. I reminded him after some time, “Aapki mooche abhi bhi thodi tedhi lag rahi hai.”

He then requested a mirror and had the makeup artist touch it up once more. After some time, he got self-aware enough to start inquiring as to whether or not the moustaches were acceptable.

Our director said, “theek lag rahi hai, par aap phirse fix karna chaho to kar sakta ho,” when he asked if the moustaches looked okay on camera. Again and over, he inspected his moustache. Really hilarious.

During breakdown, I told him there was actually no problem and that it was all a joke. Initially annoyed, he found himself laughing out loud.

Gour Rohitashv

April 1st is a holiday of merriment in my book. I never miss a chance to prank my friends and family. I had to perform the part of Shubhangi Atre’s character Angoori in one of our songs.

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I had to put on her saree, put on her makeup, and, most importantly, get her hairstyle so that people would think I was her. Because of this, I was the target of widespread ridicule that day. I made the choice to mock them.

I used to go stand in the frame every time they called Shubhangi for her take. They believed I was wrong at first, but I made it a point to keep saying it until they got angry. Shubhnagi Ji and I collaborated on this.

I also didn’t respond when they referred to my character as Tiwari Ji throughout takes. I didn’t go to the frame until they told me to.

My director, his assistants, and the rest of the cast were so thrown off by my antics that they begged me to stop. This joke and the good times we had are still talked about today (laughs).

Athi Shetty

I tend to act silly most of the time. I enjoy making people laugh and keeping the atmosphere pleasant. My friends, family, and coworkers are often the targets of my many practical jokes, even on a typical day.

So, I don’t require a particular date. We used to pull a lot of April Fool’s Day pranks in class. In the past, many practical jokes would actually work. The most recent time I fell victim to online fraud was when I paid $2,000 to a fraudulent website.

My pals and I thought it would be funny to repeatedly prank phone the same people.

When I contacted them, he answered, and I began crying and acting as though he had deceived me when, in reality, the money was my husband’s and he would be furious if he found out what had occurred.

The man took my sobs seriously and afterwards admitted his guilt. He finally came clean about his scamming ways and promptly refunded my entire investment.

I couldn’t believe it when I realized I’d managed to con the con artist. Everyone in my group of pals had a great day, and I even won an award for my performance! haha.

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The Monika Singh

I agree that modern society no longer celebrates April 1st with practical jokes. It appears that nobody has time to give it any consideration.

But there was this one time in the past where I managed to trick a pal. It was when I was just starting out as a model and still had a lot to learn about the business.

Rajkumar, a friend of mine and a fellow newcomer to the business, was relentless in his mockery. On April 1st, I thought I’d give him a dose of what he gave everyone else.

I tricked him by sending him a bogus email purporting to be from a major fashion label praising him for his participation in a forthcoming advertising campaign.

The authenticity of the email fooled him at first, and his exhilaration was through the roof. So I had to laugh it off and tell him the truth when he told the rest of our group of friends.

Even though it was merely a joke, he learned not to blindly trust information he receives. For the first time ever, I was able to effectively trick another person, and it felt great.

Jain, Sneha

When I was a kid, my dad would travel for work and wouldn’t call very often, despite the fact that we had a home phone.

My older sibling learned the numbers that would connect to our family’s phone, and we made our plans accordingly.

My mom was busy in the kitchen in the afternoon, so we decided to do it then. When my mother’s phone rang, my sister answered it and lied and said it was our dad calling. My mom ran out of the house, picked up the phone, and said, “Hello.”

Then, as we swarmed her, we yelled, “April fool banaya tumko gussa aaya!” It’s a good thing nobody pulls those kinds of pranks or has parties like that anymore since that brings back fond memories.

Thanks to my good fortune, I was able to create a single unforgettable moment.

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Joshi Subuhi

I used to like playing jokes on my friends and family on April 1st. Once, a friend tricked me into going to the hospital by pretending he had been in an accident.

When April 1st finally arrived, I knew it was a joke, but that one was totally lame. I’ve been on both ends of pranks and played several myself, but it seems like pranks are out of style now.


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