Holy Tuesday is often overlooked while discussing Jesus’ final week in Jerusalem. Not as much happened on this day as at the week’s end, but there are signs of impending disaster.

To help you meditate on the significance of Christ’s death and resurrection, we are offering a free Holy Week Prayer and Scripture Guide.

Where In The Scriptures Can We Find Reference To “Holy Tuesday?”

Holy Week is the week that centers on the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Holy Tuesday was appropriately named because it was the day before Christ was crucified.

For Christians, each day of the week has special meaning. Most historians agree that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday.

Jesus cleaned the temple either on Sunday or the day after, Holy Monday. Jesus, in either case, proceeded to Bethany for the night before returning to Jerusalem the following day. Jesus pronounced a curse on a fig tree as he headed toward Jerusalem:

And when he arrived to a fig tree he found nothing on it except leaves, so he cursed it, saying, “May no fruit grow on thee hereafter for ever.” And the fig tree eventually died.

Later, Jesus used the fig tree’s sterility to teach a lesson to his followers Matthew also contains the fig tree parable. On the Monday and Tuesday before Easter, in addition to accomplishing this miracle, Jesus preached extensively in Jerusalem.

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Do We Understand The Sermon Jesus Gave On Holy Tuesday?

The theme of Jesus’ sermon in Jerusalem was unwavering trust. He cited the bare fig tree as an illustration.

The effects of his actions on the fig tree were witnessed by his followers.

It must be done that you are uprooted and thrown into the ocean. And your prayers will be answered for anything you need

Contains Another Allusion To The Fig Free.

A Prayer Of Faith Is Also Mentioned By Jesus:

Therefore, I say to you, whatever you pray for, believe that you receive it, and it shall be given to you.

Furthermore, Jesus Cautions That God Will Not Forgive Us If We Are Unable To Forgive Others.

The Religious Elite: What Did Jesus Have To Say About Them On Holy Tuesday?

The religious authorities (Pharisees, Sadducees, and others) in Jerusalem listened to Jesus while He taught. They were the intended audience for certain of Jesus’ teachings that criticized their behavior or outlook.

Jesus told the story of a landowner as a parable. has the full account. The religious authorities of the time did not take well to this tale because they perceived it to be directed at them. The story starts with:

“There was a man who planted a vineyard, and put a hedge around it, and dug a place for the winefat, and erected a tower, and rented out the land to husbandmen, and then he went off to a far land. And at the appropriate time, he dispatched a servant to the husbandmen in order to acquire the grape harvest from them.

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Some of the servants who came to collect for the owner were beaten to death, according to the report. Finally, the owner dispatched his son, a someone the workers were more likely to appreciate.

Farmers, however, did not. They resolved to eliminate the son as a potential heir and claim the inheritance for themselves.

“What Then Shall The Master Of The Vineyard Do?” Jesus Probed.

He will come and wipe out the farmers, then hand over the vineyard to new owners.
And have ye not read this scripture: The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner:

The religious authorities were infuriated because they understood that they were the husbandmen who were replaced because of their bad behavior in the parable.

Jesus’ citation of Psalm , in which the Lord transforms a useless cornerstone into an integral part of a building, was also about renewal. The officials wanted to put Jesus in custody, but they were afraid of the crowd.

The Religious Leaders’ Motives For Setting Jesus Up Are Unclear.

The religious authorities were powerless to apprehend Jesus, so they instead attempted to ensnare him. Some Pharisees and Herodians were dispatched to listen in on him.

They set up this trap because they were hoping to catch Jesus not paying homage to Caesar. They probed him on the morality of making a donation to Caesar.

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Jesus Called Them Hypocrites, Saying, “Why Tempt Ye Me?”

If you have a cent, please bring it to me Jesus questioned who the name was on the coin when they presented it to him.

Their answer was simply “Caesar.” “Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s,” Jesus said .Obviously, they couldn’t believe his reply.

Then the Sadducees came and questioned Jesus about the afterlife (they did not believe in a final resurrection).

They used the hypothetical situation of a widow who has no children after the death of her husband. To ensure the continuation of the family line, Moses instructed that the brother should marry the woman.


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