A Chicago Man’s Sentence Has Been Vacated After Serving 28 Years In Prison In Wrongful Murder Conviction

The murder conviction against a Chicago man who was only 17 at the time has been overturned. 

CBS News reports that in 1994, David Wright was convicted of murdering Tyrone Rockett, 16, and Robert Smith, 26, and sentenced to 28 years in jail. 

Wright no longer faces murder charges after they were dropped by prosecutors in Cook County. Chicago police allegedly coerced Wright into admitting guilt for the murders, as reported by CBS News. Wright was released from prison after serving nearly three decades. 

A man who spent nearly three decades in prison for a murder he maintains he did not commit has had the charges dropped by prosecutors in Cook County.

David Wright claims that in 1994, at the age of 17, he was coerced by Chicago police investigators into confessing to the murders of Tyrone Rockett, 16, and Robert Smith, 26.

After being incarcerated for 28 years, his conviction was overturned and he was finally freed last year. Now that the accusations against him have been dropped, he vows to defend the rights of the unfairly incarcerated.

Wright stated his current goals as advocating for those wrongfully incarcerated for crimes they did not commit and reconnecting with relatives.

It’s a pleasant sensation, but I have my doubts. For thirty years, you’ve subtly encouraged two families to believe falsehoods about my actions. I ask, “So, how do you alter that at this point?” After a hearing on Wednesday morning, the charges were withdrawn, Wright said.

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Charges Against David Wright

Charges Against David Wright

Rockett and Smith were at the 5900 block of South Parnell Avenue on March 25, 1994. Both were gunned down as one passed through a gangway and the other hid behind a structure.

For the rest of their lives, they will carry the guilt that I took their loved ones’ lives with me. How do you make that different? As Wright put it.

Wright signed a confession after a 14-hour interrogation by three Chicago police investigators, according to his counsel. Wright was incarcerated for a total of 28.5 years.

The only evidence that ever existed against Mr Wright, according to his attorney David Owens of The Exoneration Project, were statements he allegedly made as a minor. The lack of an independent witness. Forensic evidence is lacking.

Not a single gunshot was found. Nothing even comes close to that exists. Oh right, this child after being interrogated for 15 hours stated this, and that’s all there is to it. So, it was in part due to the fact that we shown the police to be unreliable.

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What does David Wright say?

What does David Wright say?

“It feels good, but it’s questionable,” David Wright said. For thirty years now… Two of my relatives are convinced that I am guilty of a crime that I did not commit. How do you go about altering that, then?

Wright, who claimed he was framed by Chicago police for a double murder, had all charges against him dropped by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office last week. 

The now 46-year-old Black man was arrested as a teenager and charged of murder in the Englewood area. The investigation had been dormant for months prior to his arrest.

Wright told ABC 7 that the feeling was “good but questionable.” For the past three decades… Two of my relatives are under the impression that I committed a crime. How do you go about altering that, then? The bell that you’ve rung cannot be unrung.

Wright’s lawyer, David B. Owens, claims that the police officers who arrested his client forced him to confess.

He advised that a 17-year-old be taken to the police station and questioned for 14.5-14 hours.  “In the end, he signed a confession, and the matter is closed. And then he was brought up on criminal charges and given an automatic life sentence when he was still a minor.


Double Murder By David Wright

A man who spent half his life in prison after being arrested at age 17 has received the news he’s been hoping for.

David Wright claims he was framed for a double homicide by police in Chicago. On Wednesday, the judge dismissed the charges.

Almost to the day, 29 years ago, two young men were murdered in the Englewood area. The murders went unsolved for months before the Chicago police arrested a 17-year-old on murder charges.

The last 17-year-old is now 46. The allegations against him were dropped after he had already spent 28 years in prison in Cook County.

“It does feel good, but I’m not sure if it’s entirely trustworthy,” Wright added. For the past three decades, two different sets of relatives have believed falsely that I was involved in a terrible crime. How do you go about altering that, then? The bell that you’ve rung cannot be unrung.

Robert Smith’s sister, Sabrina Morgan, asked, “If it wasn’t him, then who was it?” And there are no solutions in sight. What happened to fairness?

When Tyronne Rocket was murdered, he was only 16 years old. Robert Smith’s age at the time was 26. His sister was only 13 years old at the time.

Morgan cried out, “You’ve taken two people off the earth who were loved and now we don’t have an answer.”

Wright plans to apply for an innocency certificate. The murders remain an open and unsolved cold case in Chicago.


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