Former public schools CEO Paul Vallas is running against county commissioner and union organizer Brandon Johnson for mayor of the third largest city in the United States. Mr. Vallas, on the one hand, wants to crack down on crime while Mr.

Johnson wants to expand social services and introduce additional taxes, representing two extremes within the Democratic Party.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the incumbent, did not make it to the second round of voting. The whole tally from Tuesday’s midterm elections

Starting at midnight local time, the Chicago Board of Elections will only sporadically update its ward-level statistics. Citywide results will be updated throughout the night, although results at the ward level may not reflect those changes.

The Associated Press Served As The Source For These Election Results And Race Calls.

Researchers Michael Andre, Neil Berg, Matthew Bloch, Irineo Cabreros, Nate Cohn, Lindsey Rogers Cook, Annie Daniel, Saurabh Datar, Andrew Fischer, Martin González Gómez, Will Houp, Aaron Krolik, and Jasmine C. Krolik all contributed to this article.

Lee, Ilana Marcus, Charlie Smart, and Isaac White served as producers. Wilson Andrews, William P. Davis, Amy Hughes, Ben Koski, and Allison McCartney all contributed to the editing process.

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Chicago’s Mayoral Contest Was Won By Brandon Johnson.

Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson, a paid organizer for the Chicago Teachers Union, will become the 57th mayor of Chicago, according to a report by Fran Spielman, Tina Sfondeles, and Nader Issa.

Johnson, 47, told his roaring fans at the Marriott Marquis Chicago, 2121 SHighway 50, Let me introduce myself; my name is Brandon Johnson, and I am looking forward to being sworn in as the new mayor of the finest city on earth.

I want the people of Chicago to know that I am sorry they did not choose me. Please get in touch with me; your opinion matters to me.

I’m keen on teaming up with you. And I’ll serve as your mayor, too. Because the goal of this campaign has always been to make Chicago a better, stronger, and safer place for everyone to live.

During A Grueling Five-Week Campaign For Chicago’s Vote,

Johnson Defeated Paul Vallas, The Former CEO Of The Chicago Public Schools,

By A Razor-Thin Margin.

Johnson led Vallas by 15,872 votes (51.42 to 48.58%) with 99.6 percent of precincts reporting.

As waiting for the remaining 90,000 mail-in ballots would have pushed Election Day into the Easter holiday weekend, Vallas conceded.

Around 9:45 p.m., Obama addressed his roaring supporters at the Hyatt Regency Chicago and announced that he had contacted Johnson to lend his support to the mayor-elect.

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It’s Evident From The Results Tonight That

This City Is Fundamentally Divided, And That’s Why I Ran For Mayor.

This evening, I called Brandon Johnson and informed him that I fully expect him to become the next mayor of Chicago, despite the fact that we believe every vote should be tallied.

Thank you very much. It’s of the utmost significance. If the campaign I conducted to unite the city ends up driving us more apart, it will not have been successful. Vallas emphasized the significance of seizing this chance for togetherness.

Senior Adviser Jason Lee For The Johnson Campaign

Was Overjoyed With His Candidate’s Showing.

On the waterfront, we were the best. Quite a few people showed up. In terms of margin, we performed better on the South Side. Lee told the Sun-Times, “It’s possible that some South Side residents who thought they couldn’t vote for us didn’t vote at all.

Johnson’s lead will grow later this week as the remaining 90,000 absentee ballots are processed, giving him a 52 percent share of the vote. Experts estimated that he could garner as many as 70 percent of the still-outstanding absentee ballots.

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Several Ballots Have Yet To Be Counted.

Lee emphasized the importance of having all ballots counted.

Former CTU president Jesse Sharkey, who is now teaching civics to 9th graders at South Shore High, called the election victory of a candidate supported by the union “profoundly gratifying” after it occurred a decade after the union was taken over by social justice activists.

Johnson mentioned the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in his acceptance speech. A leader in the civil rights movement, he “worked for justice” in Chicago with the hope that one day the two movements would unite. That’s what Johnson claimed occurred on Tuesday.

The labor rights movement and the civil rights movement have “collided head-on.”What we are living through is the ultimate goal of the greatest man to ever walk the Earth, Johnson proclaimed.

55 years ago, on this day, Dr. King addressed a crowd from a balcony. A single shot may end a life, but it takes more than that to end a dream.


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