Illinois police arrest five Chicago- area high school students after lockdown

On Tuesday, after a report of a student with a gun caused the campus to go into lockdown for several hours, police in Illinois detained five high school students from a suburb of Chicago.

Police claimed they detained the five teenagers on Tuesday morning after a student at Highland Park High School reported seeing another student with a pistol, as reported by FOX 32.

Security footage was used to positively identify the student who was accused of carrying a pistol.

In a letter to parents, District 113 Superintendent Bruce Law announced that two kids had been detained during a search of the school.

On Tuesday, there was a complaint of a student possibly in possession of a pistol at Highland Park High School, which led to the arrest of five kids.

Still, nobody was wounded, and no guns were fired. Andrew Ramos, of CBS 2, was there.

The head of schools confirmed the identification of the pupil “alleged to have a gun” and that surveillance footage indicated the two students had departed the premises. At about 10:30 in the morning, authorities were alerted to the possibility that one of the school’s students was armed.

The high school went into lockdown when another student reported seeing the firearm on campus.

David Fettner, a dad, remarked, “My stomach sank, I mean you see all the SWAT teams running in there.” I peeked around the corner of the door to see what was happening and saw that people were running inside with an intense look on their faces. Like being transported back in time to July.

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Video Aquired Of Students Of Chicago High School

Video Aquired Of Students

Nine months to the day after the July 4th parade shooting in Highland Park, an occurrence has occurred.

CBS 2 has obtained video of the school police taking two teenagers into arrest. Five students were arrested, according to later reports.

The school let out their students early.

During the municipal election on Tuesday, Mayor Nancy Rotering of Highland Park tweeted that voting was halted due to lockdowns at neighbouring schools and the Highland Park Public Library. She said that the Lake County Clerk’s Office has filed paperwork asking the court to keep the polls open for as long as the lockdown.

The clerk’s office announced that voting would continue until 8:35 p.m. at three locations—Braeside Elementary, Red Oak Elementary, and the public library—because of the brief lockdown.  

Rotering praised the actions of local first responders and school administrators following the Tuesday event. She also made connections to her advocacy on gun control issues since the 4th of July massacre.

She added, “While we were so relieved that the event ended without incident, once again our community was terrorised by the threat of gun violence.” I strongly suggest that anyone who has experienced trauma dial 211 for help.

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5 Students Arrested Of Chicago High School

5 Students Arrested Of Chicago High School

On Tuesday, amid allegations of a student “potentially in possession of a gun,” Highland Park High School went into lockdown, and five kids were taken into custody.

Supt. Bruce Law said in a statement that around 10:30 a.m., the district got an anonymous information that a student had a firearm on campus.

A kid came forward as police were looking into the tip, Law said, and reported seeing another student with a pistol.

According to a statement issued on the city’s Facebook page, students and employees were told to shelter in place until police secured the premises.

According to Law, the pupil was seen leaving the school with another individual on security camera.

The lockdown was lifted after about an hour and a half, and the city said that five pupils had been arrested.

There is no legitimate reason to maintain the lockdown at Highland Park High School, according to police enforcement, and the area has been secured, the statement added.

The event is still being looked into by the Highland Park police and the Township High School District 113.


5 Students Arrested Of Chicago High School

After last week’s mass shooting at a Nashville private school, students organised a walkout on Tuesday to demand a countrywide ban on assault weapons.

“Back in the day, you’d think it’d never happen here,” Fettner remarked. But it actually happened here, so now when you pull up you think, “This can’t be a false alarm.”

Police in Highland Park are still looking into what happened. The names of the arrested pupils have not been made public.

Braeside Elementary, Red Oak Elementary, and the Highland Park Public Library were all locked down, preventing residents from casting ballots there.

To make up for the time lost during the lockdown, Lake County Clerk Anthony Vega announced that those locations would remain open until 8:35 p.m.

Unrelated to the lockdown, Vegan announced that the hours of the JIC Community Development Center at 202 S Genesee St. in Waukegan would be extended to 7:40 p.m.


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