North Side shooting victim is charged with possessing 4 stolen cars and a gun

On Sunday, Anthony Acosta had a rough day. As an example, he was shot while driving through Albany Park. The police in Chicago eventually connected him to four instances of stolen vehicles over the course of two months, as well as a firearm. With bail set at $75,000, he remains in jail.

Prosecutor Sarah Dale-Schmidt stated on Tuesday that Chicago police have been keeping tabs on Acosta since since they spotted him driving a stolen 2013 Mercedes on February 25. She claimed that officers gave chase to the 24-year-old for a short while before giving up.

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Prosecutor On The Anthony Costa Case

Prosecutor On The Anthony Costa Case

According to Dale-Schmidt’s report from early last month, police in Chicago spotted Acosta in a Lincoln Aviator, one of several similar vehicles recently stolen from a Ford dealership. He managed to evade the law enforcement once more.

He was also said to have been operating a stolen BMW X3 on March 16. The police allegedly followed him and then lost sight of his car, as claimed by Dale Schmidt.

Now we can discuss Acosta’s terrible Sunday.

Prosecutor On The Anthony Costa Case

When police arrived in the 2800 block of West Wilson at 6:15 a.m. in response to reports of gunfire, they discovered a stolen BMW 750I surrounded by spent gunshot casings. According to Dale-Schmidt, video shows Acosta, who was shot in the back, and two others rushing away from the automobile while brandishing firearms.

Within minutes, the police had captured the entire gang. A loaded weapon was discovered by police in the alleyway where Acosta was last seen, according to Dale-Schmidt. Officers located another firearm and a fully loaded extended magazine in a nearby BBQ grill. Two additional magazines and a box of ammo were reportedly located in the BMW’s trunk, as stated by Dale-Schmidt.

Charges Against Acosta

Charges Against Acosta

Four counts of possession of a stolen motor vehicle, one case of aggravated unauthorised use of a weapon, and one offence of misdemeanour trespassing were filed against Acosta by prosecutors.

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To be released under electronic monitoring and return home, he must post a $7,500 deposit, per Judge Susana Ortiz’s bail decision.


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