According to authorities, a guy who committed two robberies on CTA trains was apprehended after it was discovered that he had exploited one of the victims’ Amazon accounts to order a ski mask using his true name and home address in July.

During a bond court hearing on Tuesday, Kywan Lee, 19, was ordered jailed without bail.

Assistant State’s Attorney Darryl Auguste said that at 8:35 p.m. on July 12, Lee sat down next to a guy on a Blue Line train near the UIC-Halsted station and implied that he was armed.

Lee then demanded that the victim turn over his possessions. Auguste claims that when Lee stole the man’s iPhone, AirPods, and wallet, he ran away at the next station.

Lee and an accomplice robbed a guy the following evening on the Blue Line at Jackson, according to Auguste. Lee is accused of stealing the phone while his accomplice takes the man’s charger and AirPods.

According To Auguste,

Lee Also Brandished A Firearm At The Victim’s Chest Before He Departed The Train.

Auguste said the first victim called police after learning that someone using the name Kywan Lee had attempted to purchase a ski mask using his Amazon account.

The data was interpreted as a “clue,” and on July 15 police used Lee’s photograph as part of a lineup. Auguste claimed the victim had specifically chosen him.

This week, police caught Lee after he matched up with the robbery suspect in CTA security photographs, according to Auguste.

Prosecutors filed charges against him for aggravated unlawful restraint, unlawful restraint, aggravated violence of a transit passenger, and Class X armed robbery, all of which indicate the use of a firearm.

Lee is on conditional discharge for criminal battery, but he has no prior felony convictions as an adult. CPD documents state that this case began with an incident on June 3 near the Jefferson Park Blue Line stop.

Auguste claims that he was found guilty of aggravated battery resulting in grave bodily harm while he was a teenager in Champaign County.

Lee’s first child is due in January, and he’s currently studying for his GED, according to Assistant Public Defender Genevieve O’Toole.

Lee has been ordered held without bail by Judge Mary Marubio. She increased bail for the conditional discharge breach to $10,000.

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I Saw The Same Car, But This Time The Driver Has A White Ski Mask On,”

Boyes Stated.

That Was Really Sary.

Every Cell In My Body Was Asking, “What Am I Going To Do?”

Boyes claimed her first inclination was to get in the car and speed off while instructing her daughter to dial 911.

Boyes stated, “I can see him coming up behind me at a rate of about 80 kph because I checked the rearview mirror.”

The individual, according to Boyes, pursued them for around five minutes before crashing into their rear bumper.

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I’m going faster and faster, and he’s going faster and faster, and he rear-ends my car,” she said.

She claimed that the vehicle had come up next to them at one point and yelled something at them, but she had been unable to hear him.

I’m not giving up. I’m not getting out of my car,” Boyes remarked, remembering the encounter. The safety of my daughter was my top priority.

She claimed he left in a car around the intersection of Battler and Huron. Then, she hid out in a gas station until the authorities arrived.

I Don’t Feel Safe At All

The couple told CTV News that the encounter had left them traumatized and shocked.

When asked if his daughter rode the bus alone, Boyes said, “Yes, and she can walk to her friend’s house around the corner.”

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Please Don’t Put Anyone Else Through What I Went Through.

Police from the Waterloo region have confirmed that they are looking into a complaint of a suspicious car on Kitchener’s Machado Street.

The driver, who remains unknown, is said to have followed the victim to the intersection of Battler Road and Huron Road.

The police have said that the male is brown, between the ages of 20 and 30, and has dark hair.

A dark Toyota SUV is what’s being referred to here. If you know anything, please contact the police.


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