Authorities say a bank teller in Louisville, Kentucky, opened fire on his coworkers early on Monday while broadcasting live the event on Instagram, murdering four people, including an intimate acquaintance of the current governor of Kentucky.

According to Louisville Metropolitan Police Division Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, the individual who opened fire was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police when they arrived as rounds were continuing to be shot inside Old Federal Bank. Craig Greenberg, governor of the city, condemned the incident as “an ugly act of targeted brutality.”

The massacre occurs just a few days following a former student murdered three kids and a teacher at a Christian school for children in Nashville, Tennessee, located roughly 160 miles (260 kilometres) to the south. Friends of the governor and first lady of that state were also among those shot and killed.

According To The Police, Not The Victim Nor The Assailant Worked At The Tobacco Store

In Louisville, the chief said that 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon was the gunman, and that he had been recording the attack on Facebook Live.

“That’s awful to know that incident were occurring and captured,” she remarked. Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta released a statement saying they “immediately disabled the broadcast of this sad occurrence this morning.”

The University of Kentucky Hospital spokesperson Veronica Fountaine stated in an email that nine people were treated for wounds from the incident, including two members of the police force.

Nickolas Wilt, 26, is one of the recruits who recently completed the police academy. After surgery for the bullet wound to his head, which was the law enforcement chief said he was in critical condition. It was now safe for at least three persons to leave.

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Governor of Kentucky Andy Beshear has claimed that one of his best friends, Tommy Elliott, was killed in the shooting at the building near Louisville’s Baseball Field and Riverfront Park.

Beshear, his voice breaking with emotion, spoke glowingly of Elliott’s contributions to his development as a lawyer, a politician, and a parent. We rarely talked about work, yet he was one of the people I talked to the most. What a wonderful buddy he was.

Police have identified the other victims as Josh Barrick, Jim Tutt, and Juliana Farmer. The state governor said those who had died as “irreplaceable, brilliant persons who were responsible for an awful act of violence ripped from every one of us.”

Beshear’s family was affected by an enormous tragedy for the second time since he took office as governor.

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At Harlem Hospital, Doctors Pronounced Him Dead

Dawson Springs, the residence of Beshear’s father, retired two-term Virginia Governor Steve Beshear, was one of the places hit hard by tornadoes that ripped across the state in late 2021. Andy Beshear has expressed his deep feelings for his father’s hometown of Dawson Springs by recalling his boyhood visits there.

Beshear made his comments while Louisville police officers persisted in their search for a motive. Authorities could be seen using chalk and cameras to document the several holes made by bullets in the bank’s front windows.

Investigators descended on the suspect’s neighbourhood approximately 5 miles (8 km) south of the shooting’s epicentre.

Caution tape was placed around a house. Kami Cooper, a local resident, said she doesn’t remember ever meeting the suspect, but that it’s unsettling to have shared a street with someone who has the potential to commit such a terrible act.

I’m at a loss for words. It’s unfathomable that someone on my street might be a victim.

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Nobody Has Been Taken Into Custody In Connection With The Murders

A witness who escaped the premises during the attack told WHAS-TV that the gunman entered a conference room at the back of the first level and began firing a long rifle.

He informed the TV station, “Blood is on us because whoever was closest to me getting shot.” He claimed he locked himself in a lavatory and ran away.

The conduct of the responding police officers, according to Deputy Metropolitan Chief Paul Humphrey, unquestionably saved lives.

According to his words, “This is a dreadful tragedy.” The brave actions of the police officers helped ensure that no one was seriously hurt beyond the initial victims.

One guy was killed and another was injured in an attack outside of a community college just a few hours & just a few blocks later, authorities said.

Pursuant to a murderous acts database kept by the Reuters news agency and USA Today in cooperation with Northeastern University in Boston, this year’s total of 15 mass shootings is the greatest in the inaugural 100 days of an entire year since 2009, with 16 had happened by April 10.

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Looking back to 2006, which was the inaugural year for data collection was collected, the years 2019 and 2022 had the highest mass killings, with 45 and 42 respectively. There were 32 mass murders in 2009, a slower rate than in previous years.


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