Florida has given out over $1,750 in bonuses to new criminal justice recruits in the year since Gov. Ron DeSantis inaugurated the state’s Criminal Justice Recruiting Bonus Program. A total of 530 of them came from other states; specifically, 200 came from the states of New York, the state of Texas, California, among Pennsylvania.

The Florida governor’s office released a statement in which some new recruits explained why they had decided to make Florida their new home. Many members of the public are thankful to the NYPD, while many former officers feel betrayed by the city.

There has never been such a large exodus of New York City’s law enforcement this year due to retirement or resignation. There were 239 departures from the force in January and February of this year, compared to 176 and 110 in the corresponding months of 2022 in 2021, correspondingly.

According to a study in the New York Post, NYPD pensions data shows that their departures are up 36% from the same period last year and up 117% from 2021.

We Are Currently Waiting For A Comment From The NYPD

Davey, a former NYPD cop who moved to Florida’s central area a year ago to join the Clermont, Florida Police Department, has said, “Immediately following fighting in the NYPD over 17 years, it started to feel as if the municipality in which I represented no longer appreciated my efforts.”

I’ve been thinking about moving my family and starting a new career in law enforcement somewhere else.

He had already started the application procedure to join the Clermont-Montreal PD when the incentive programme was announced, so he was still eligible for it. According to him, the show “sent an announcement that was both comforting and reassuring—law personnel were welcomed and welcomed here in the nation’s capital of Florida.”

He also mentioned that his first repayment of the mortgage was made with the extra cash that he received. ” This boon has made both of me and my family seem at home and validated the choice we made to relocate, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

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Another ex-NYPD cop, Rob, who now works for Clermont PD, explained his decision to move to Florida by saying, “New York’s over-taxation is oppressive and pays for ineffective laws that contributed to both a huge spike in crime and decline in quality-of-life.”

His decision to go to Florida from the NYPD after 25 years & four advancements was “an easy one,” he added. He praises Florida’s warmer climate and lower cost of living, adding that “the residents as well as government agencies in Florida are significantly more grateful for the backing of law protection.”

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He continued, “Governor DeSantis’ call has been picked up so I was delighted to make the step.” The Clermont law enforcement agency was really helpful and comprehending, and the entire procedure of becoming a police officer was simple even for officers from other states.

However, relocating was still very costly, so the bonus was very helpful. That helps a lot, man. Kevin, another New Yorker who just moved to Bradenton for employment, said the incentive helped pay for his family’s moving costs “and nevertheless [gave] us piece of mind by validating our decision to migrate.”

He also noted that his family benefited immensely from the Step Up for Youngsters tuition programme and the Florida system of education “the fact has actually set us and our kids up for achievement.”

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Even The Movers Are Throwing In Extras To Make It A More Appealing Offer

DeSantis includes $30 million in his budget for fiscal 2023-2024 to keep the recruitment bonus programme going in the hopes that additional New York Police Department officers and others from throughout the country will continue coming to Florida. This is an increase of $10 million from the previous year’s spending plan.

DeSantis first extended an invitation to law enforcement personnel to move to Florida in November 2021.2 He said to individuals in other states, We will treat you better than the New York Police Department, the Minneapolis Police Department, or the Seattle Police Department if you are unhappy with your current working conditions.

At least fourteen cops accepted his invitation and soon after moved from the New York Police Department to the Lakeland Metropolitan Department in Florida, which is near Tampa.

They pointed to the city’s unfriendly work environment and claimed they were discouraged by DeSantis’ recruitment drive.

One year later, on touting the programme’s success, DeSantis boasted, “Florida is top in the entire country in criminal justice recruitment as a result of our focus upon back-the-blue efforts that make our officers in law enforcement feel welcomed by their populations.”

We Floridians recognise the value that law enforcement officers bring to our communities and stand in solidarity with them.

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The NYPD pension fund reports that the number of resignations in 2022 was the greatest in over 20 years. As by the end of November, 1,225 officers had resigned; many had headed south to Florida. Dias attempted to contact Mayor Eric Davis’ office for comment, but received no response. Instead, they told him to go to the NYPD.


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