FILE PHOTO: Darwin Elementary after Chicago Public Schools, the nation’s third-largest school district, said it would cancel classes since the teachers’ union voted in favor of a return to remote learning, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. January 5, 2022. REUTERS/Jim Vondruska

On Monday following their spring break, students at the Chicago Public School system will return to class. New principals have been installed at two schools since the start of the academic year.

CPS students return to school after the spring break on Monday, and at a study by Lind Math and Science Academy, a new administrator will be formally introduced. This came after CPS claimed to have investigated the now-transferred former principal, which has some worried about the school’s future leadership.

What happened?” asked Jay Jonas, one of the parents. We have no idea.” Please let us know. An anxious mother from Lindblom and colleagues Science and Math Center in Chicago, Illinois, has a direct question for CPS.

Last Week, Cps Mailed Notices To Schools And Families

Jones continued, “My daughter and I recently had a chat in which we’re clearly slightly anxious regarding the things we expect.” Anxiety made worse by news of a leadership change at the prominent institution on the first day of classes following the district’s spring vacation.

After Abdul Muhammad, the school’s previous leader, was unexpectedly removed shortly before break began, Everett Edwards has taken over as head administration.

CPS said to ABC7 that Muhammad’s transfer was based on “substantiated findings” from school inquiry, but the district didn’t say what was discovered about the ex-Lindblom principal.

”I liked jim due to the way he tried and because he was the initial Black principal at my school,” said Doneya Boyd, a senior at Lindblom. His contributions to the institution were numerous. He was always milling about the halls, chatting with pupils and asking how he could improve things.

According to Boyd, students protested Muhammad’s decision to remove Karen Fitzpatrick Carpenter as assistant principal by skipping the first day of school. There was “a lot of discussion back and forth” regarding how he was doing in class and the manner in which he was representing the university, as Boyd described it.

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Parental Units Returned Home With More Queries Than Solutions

FILE PHOTO: Darwin Elementary after Chicago Public Schools, the nation’s third-largest school district, said it would cancel classes since the teachers’ union voted in favor of a return to remote learning, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. January 5, 2022. REUTERS/Jim Vondruska

As their children returned to class, parents were left with a greater number of inquiries than explanations about the sudden dismissal of the school’s previous director.

According to letters given out on March 31 to the respective school communities, the headteachers of Lindblom Mathematics and Science Academies in West Bloomfield and Hyde Park Elementary and Secondary Academy were both “removed” from their positions following examinations by the CPS Department of the General Inspector.

“effective promptly due to an inquiry that substantiated findings,” the letter states, referring to the dismissal of Abdul Muhammad from Lindblom and Francisco Ross of Hyde Park for misconduct as principals.

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Muhammad was transferred to the Networks 16 division, while Ross was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of a hearing concerning due process.

CPS spokesperson Samantha Johnson refused to answer inquiries concerning the specifics of the complaints and investigations against the principals, citing the district’s policy of not commenting on open personnel matters.

Beginning on Monday, Everett Andrews at Lindblom and colleagues and Ken McNeal at Hyde Park School will take over as “administrators-in-charge,” respectively.

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Let’s See How This Turns Out

The letters sent home to schools state that the network teams are prohibited from discussing the incidents in greater detail. It worries me since we never know for sure where we’re going in the future. “It’s very stressful for her,” Jones elaborated. The CPS has to improve their performance.

Meanwhile, tonight there will be a video conference for parents to hear about the new administration from the school. After CPS dismissed former teacher Antonio Ross for an ongoing inquiry, Kenneth McNeal assumed leadership responsibilities at Hyde Park Academy.

I really hope things get straightened up around here; the kids have been through enough enough. ‘They just got over COVID,’ one Hyde Park Academy parent, Tanya Martin, explained. Another parent, Siobhan Enge, expressed confusion over CPS’s action.

As the parent of a high school senior, this is a major worry for Enge. Parents are concerned and want updates. What exactly is the investigation of him pertaining to? We’re curious as to whether or not his investigation has anything to do with the safety of our kids.

Hyde Park Institute parents are invited to a meeting on Monday to discuss the recent changes in administration.

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ABC7 met with parents from both schools who are looking forward to Monday night’s sessions at which they hope to learn more. According to CPS, the school does not provide updates on staff or investigation statuses.


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