Chicago police investigate the scene where an officer was shot in the 5200 block of South Spaulding Avenue on Chicago's Southwest Side on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. (Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Police from all throughout the state, including those in Chicago, Rockford, and Dixon, were called to many different high schools in response to reports of active shooters and/or armed students.

There was no evidence of a shooter in any of those incidents. The police suspect these calls are part of an ongoing “swatting” hoax. A call such that is, at the at least, a terrible waste of public money and may cause serious emotional distress for both pupils and their parents. If the perpetrator(s) are apprehended, police say they might face prison time.

In the Chicago Public Schools system, for example, police rushed to Whitney Young Academy Magnets High School after receiving a swatting call reporting a shooting on campus.

The head of school released a statement in which he or she claimed, “CPD reacted promptly and it was verified that the call had been planted as a hoax.”

It has recently been brought to our attention that Whitney Young is not the only school in the nation to have been the target of hoax calls today. There was never any danger to our institution of learning, and everyone here is OK.

Accidental Pranks?

Rockford parents were understandably anxious and irritated as police attempted to evacuate East High School. Outside, several of the pupils met up with their loved ones. After the police declared the all clear, the day’s classes were postponed.

According to Rockford 205 Administrator Ehren Jarret, “families, kids, and employees felt a great feeling of fear this morning so we are simply pleased that every single one of our children and employees were safe.”

“These are quite distressing occurrences. We know kids were deeply affected by this, but thankfully no one was hurt or killed. Chief Carla Redd of the Rockford Police Department said, “This wasn’t the only incident received inside the state yesterday that involved a swatting call.”

There were no reported injuries, and both of the other school districts in the territory of Illinois who received swatted calls have had their lines cleared. On Wednesday, October 3, SATs were planned to be taken by pupils at Rockford West High School.

Principal James Parker of East High School stated in a statement, “We’re collaborating with Winnebago Police in order to continue their investigation.”

Thank you to the Rockford Police Department for their prompt reaction and to the students and faculty for their helpfulness throughout this ordeal. This is the greatest thing that can be hoped for in a really bad circumstance, to repeat.

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As The Saying Goes, “Karma Always Pays Out!”

Rockford police claim to have been on the location swiftly, but report hearing no gunfire and finding no victims. The police are investigating the event and have labelled it as a “swatting” incident involving a hoax phone call.

Schools in Southport and Dixon, Illinois issued identical comments after police reported swatting events at their campuses.

On its homepage, Freeport High School said, “Unluckily, FHS were part of a countrywide pattern of what they suspect to be a hoax phone call today.” There was no actual emergency, but the call made it seem like there was. Multiple police units responded to the building and walked through to ensure everyone’s safety.

We appreciate their promptness. The police also informed us that the identical hoax call was received this morning by other districts in the vicinity. Although we are happy that no serious event occurred, we are not treating this lightly. Many thanks!”

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The Level Of Trust Between People Grows As A Result

The Dixon Police Department reported receiving a non-emergency call at its 911 centre at about 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Foreign-sounding guy caller said a pupil had been killed at Dixon High. According to authorities, the call was a “Swatting” hoax.

Dixon police stated in a news statement, “through any comment(s) or danger, the safety so protection of our children and employees is our first concern and we treat any threats using the utmost care.”

A search of the school was done by the Dixon secondary school administration and the school’s Security Officer after the report was received, and they found no evidence that a kid had been shot. The phone call received this morning is being investigated by the Dyer law enforcement agency and the governing bodies of the Dixon Public Schools.

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The Illinois police department published a statement on the scale of the hoax calls on Wednesday afternoon, stating, “The Illinois States Police has learned that local law enforcement agencies in 19 counties, totalling 21 calls, reported threats aimed against schools today.”

No genuine threats have been found as a consequence of these calls, however. There are no serious threats to school safety at this time, according to the ISP Statewide Terrorist and Information Center.

Security personnel in the public and private sectors are urged to be on high alert and to immediately report anything they deem suspicious to the appropriate authorities.

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On Wednesday, police officers in Illinois verified 21 threats against Illinois schools, all of which proved out to be hoaxes. Rockford, Freeport, and Dixon, as well as Chicago, are all being looked at as potential targets of the threats. the Wednesday SAT exams kept many kids away from Whitney Young.


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