McConaughey claims that he and his former True Detective are teammates and good buddy Woody Harrelson are debating whether or not to take a DNA test to see whether or not they are related.McConaughey said on Kelly Ripa’s podcast Let’s Talk Off Camera that his mother had told him and Harrelson that she had known Harrelson’s father, potentially well.

‘You realise, where I start as well as where he ends, and where he starts while I finish, always seemed like a hazy line,’ the 53-year-old said. We include it in our bromance, right? We refer to him as “Uncle Woody” among my children.

As a result, when you look at images of us, your relatives could mistake him for me. His relatives had mistaken me for him in a number of photographs.

What A Hilarious Exchange It Must Have Been

A few of us were having a conversation in Greece a couple of years ago about the closeness we all are and how wonderful our families are. My mum shows there and says, “I know your dad, Woody.” The ellipses my mother used following the word “know” were not lost on anybody. It spelt “K-N-E-W” with a capital “K” and four “E”s.

The remark, according to McConaughey, prompted the two stars to learn more about their roots. We then proceeded to deconstruct the meaning of the word “know,” performed some quick arithmetic, and realised that [Harrelson’s] father was on furlough about the same time my parents were going through their second divorce.

Then there are the potential invoices and west Texas locations where anything may have happened—a meeting, a gathering, a “knew” moment. Harrelson said that he and his father got along “quite fine” in an interview from 2012 with the Guardian, but that “[my parents] split early, he didn’t play around too much.”

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The 61-year-old Harrelson and the much younger McConaughey each had two brothers. They have already shared the screen in the movies “EDtv” and “True Detective,” and they will soon do it again in the upcoming Apple TV+ comedy series.

“Brother from Yet another Mom,” during which they’ll play fictitious avatars who live on a Texas farm together. Dates for the premiere of the programme have not been announced. McConaughey claimed the two guys haven’t decided whether or not to have a DNA test to prove their kinship.

Woody might just as well say, “Come on, let’s get [DNA testing],” since, after all, “what’s the DNA of his skin in that for him?” he remarked. For me, it’s more challenging because he’s asking me to question my long-held beliefs about who my biological father is.

After assuming my father was my father for 53 years, I found it surprising when someone tried to prove otherwise. Now there’s more at stake for me.

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Charles Harrelson Sr. was a professional assassin who had his first conviction in 1960 for committing an armed robbery. In 1973, he was incarcerated for murder and freed five years later on good conduct. In 1981, he was convicted of killing a district judge and sentenced to two life terms in prison. And he died in jail in 2007 after saying he killed JFK.


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