The convenience of smartphones like the iPhone as well as Android is growing by leaps and bounds. However, basic cell phone accessibility has gone behind. There aren’t many available basic mobile phones that still use a physical keyboard.

There are some blind people who don’t need, desire, or can’t afford an iPhone. The MiniVision2 has arrived.MiniVision2 is an accessible mobile phone made specifically for persons with vision impairments.

The physical design of MiniVision2, the audio guide, and the speech instructions all contribute to the device’s accessibility.

Outward Appearances

The buttons on MiniVision2 are big and conveniently placed. The key for the number five (5) stands out from the others, giving the user a sense of direction. To help the user navigate the menu system and make and end calls, the buttons are uniquely shaped and equipped with haptic clues.

For instance, there are three vertical green lumps on the Call button, and three horizontally red bumps on the End Call button. People with poor vision will appreciate the intentional inclusion of a variety of color, shape, and tactile indicators. The keypad illuminates upon activation to further aid those with poor eyesight.

The screen’s size and brightness are very commendable. Those who are visually impaired have the option of saving battery life by disabling the display.

The MiniVision2 contains a micro-USB port for recharging, a 3.5 mm headset connector for connecting headphones, and two pins for docking with the charging cradle along its bottom border.

To charge the MiniVision2, users need just set it in the cradle; no cables need be inserted into the device itself. The procedure of charging is simplified greatly by this.

The phone has an LED indicator on its top bezel. When hit, the SOS button on the rear of the MiniVision2 will make calls or send texts to as many as ten people. There’s a microphone and a camera on the back, too.

Both the battery and the rear cover of the phone may be removed for charging. The battery covers the SIM card port and the micro SD card slot.

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Voice Directions

The MiniVision2 may be used as a talking phone thanks to its built-in voice guide. This function makes the phone fully accessible to those with visual impairments. There is nothing a user with sight can accomplish that a user without sight cannot.

Everything that happens on the screen or when buttons are hit is read aloud by the voice guide. When the user is at the Home Screen, their Voice Guide constantly says “home screen” and then speaks the current time.

When navigating the menu, it always calls out the menu’s name. MiniVision2 announces “charging began” and displays the battery level whenever the charger is plugged in. The battery percentage and “charging halted” message are shown when the power source is turned off.

MiniVision2 announces “screen off” as soon as the display enters sleep mode. The Voice Guide may also tell you of the device’s battery life, signal strength, and WiFi settings.In a nutshell, a blind person has the same level of access to knowledge as a sighted person.

The Voice Guide is able to communicate in over twenty (10) different languages. Both the pace and loudness of the Voice Guide may be changed.The clarity of the sound is excellent.

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Functionalities Associated With Telephony

MiniVision2 is compatible with any GSM network, so you may use it with AT&T, T-Mobile, or any other carrier that uses those networks. Data is needed for the phone.

RAZ Mobility bundles in a free MINT Mobile SIM card good for three months of service at no cost to the customer. Plans from MINT Mobile start at as $15 per month.

There are four main methods to make a phone call: one) manually keying in each number from the main menu. The Voice Guide reads out the numbers as they are entered. MiniVision2 will notify you whenever a digit is being erased from the display.

Two, the user may dial a number stored in their address book. As the user navigates through their contacts, they will hear their names pronounced aloud. After hearing the desired contact’s name, the user may then initiate a call by pressing the Call button.

Three, you can see your missed calls and recently phoned numbers right from your Call History. (4) Just say “call [name of contact]” to initiate a call.

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The Call History submenu provides users with details about calls they missed. You may tailor your call log to show just missed calls. If the contact is in MiniVision2’s database, the system will announce the caller’s name and the time and date of the call.

MiniVision2 has a built-in chime that sounds when a call is missed. The number of calls not returned will be shown on the Home screen and spoken aloud.

In addition, the number of calls that were missed may be heard spoken from the menu when the user accesses the phone app. These alerts will be disabled after the user navigates to the Call History section.

Contacts may be entered freely by the blind user. You may use the buttons or your voice to do this. The MiniVision2’s built-in spoken caller ID will announce the calling party’s name or, if the number doesn’t match anybody in your contacts list, the number itself.

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MiniVision2 is compatible with any GSM network, so you may use it with AT&T, T-Mobile, or any other carrier that uses those networks. Data is needed for the phone.RAZ Mobility bundles in a free MINT Mobile SIM card good for three months of service at no cost to the customer. Plans from MINT Mobile start at as $15 per month.


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