Saul Goodman’s introduction to Breaking Bad in its second season fundamentally altered the show’s structure. There was this flamboyant cartoon figure of a lawyer among the story’s rival cartels, violent criminals, needy cancer patients, and impetuous burnouts.

Saul Goodman brought much-needed lightheartedness to Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul, however, has spent many hours uncovering the depths of tragedy underneath this joker’s grin.

The debut of the most recent season of the courtroom thriller occurred a little over two years ago. This is an eon in the era of too much television.

We’ve got you covered if you need a quick review before returning to the world of Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould’s universe. The events of Season 5 of Better Call Saul are detailed here.

Nacho’s Fate At The End Of Season 5 Of Better Call Saul?

Nacho (Michael Mando) used to have dreams of becoming a powerful cartel boss. But when the meanest guys in Albuquerque began picking on Nacho’s family, he had enough.

Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) blackmailed Nacho’s father to convert Nacho into his own private mole when he learned that Nacho had grown into Lalo Slaamanca’s (Tony Dalton) righthand man. This is how Nacho came to be employed by not one but two powerful figures inside the drug gang.

Mike (Jonathan Banks), though, provided some optimism.If Nacho “managed” the unpredictable Lalo Salamanca, Gus’s righthand man promised to get him and his biological father out of the spotlight and safeguard them both. Putting Lalo in jail didn’t work. Only murder remained.

Gus acted when he learned Lalo and Pancho were headed to Lalo’s house in Chihuahua. At three in the morning, Nacho simply opened Lalo’s gate and fled.

Nacho did what he was told to do, but he hasn’t received any compensation. Nacho fled for his life at the conclusion of Season 5, hoping that Gus would keep his end of their tenuous deal.

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Where Is Lalo Salamanca?

Lalo wouldn’t be tired if he went to bed earlier. When 3 a.m. rolled around and Lalo continued to remain awake, Nacho unlocked the gate by starting a fire in the kitchen to keep Lalo preoccupied.

Perhaps the adrenaline from that morning’s early fire boosted his performance. When Lalo’s potential murderers finally showed up, he was prepared for them. Almost every one of Lalo’s guards and family members were slain by Gus’ assassins in the subsequent chaos.

By the way, I did it on purpose. This last hitman for hire was instructed by Lalo to contact the intermediary who orchestrated the assault and inform him that Lalo was actually slain. Season 5 begins with Gus assuming Lalo is dead. Worse yet? Nacho was outed as the mole when Lalo discovered that he had vanished. Quick, Nacho!

For Jimmy, How Did The Fifth Season End?

Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) finally told his wife the truth about the desert after attempting to conceal it from her. To review, Saul Goodman was hired to defend Lalo after he became wanted for his assassination of the TravelWire employee.

Jimmy agreed to pay Lalo’s $7 million bail, but only for an extra sum. Jimmy took a trip out towards the desert for the deal, and everything went well. Before the Salamanca cartel began shooting at him, he was safe.

Mike swooped in and rescued Jimmy, but they almost passed out from thirst by the time they were done. Jimmy was shaken to his vibrant orange boots by his near death experience.

After posting bail and getting out of jail, Lalo went to see Jimmy & Kim (Rhea Seehorn). Fortunately, nothing bad occurred. Still, the pair was shaken enough by the ordeal to make hotel reservations.

Kim understands more than just the desert’s reality. Jimmy informed Kim after learning from Mike that a hit will be placed on Lalo.

Jimmy finished Season 5 talking about the unsolved Sandpiper case with Kim, burdened by the awareness of his own mortality and his deteriorating morals. However, it was like peering into a funhouse mirror this time. Jimmy felt on team Drop It, but Kim was eager to press on.

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From a story standpoint, the season finale of the previous show belonged to Nacho. But Kim o’clock, as far as feelings were concerned. Kim watched in disbelief as Jimmy revealed his new less ethical legal character, Saul Goodman, at the conclusion of Season 4.


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