The Disney+ miniseries Moon Knight premiered on March 30, 2022, adding another superhero to the MCU.Oscar Isaac’s protagonist Marc Spector, who had dissociative identity disorder, had this condition explored.

This allowed the actor to use his whole range of acting abilities in the exact same show and with the same body by allowing him to portray many characters.

Critics and viewers had different reactions to the miniseries, although most were enthusiastic. Anyone who has seen Moon Knight would agree that the miniseries established a tone that is distinct from, and somewhat darker than, the MCU.

Fans of the vigilante were left wondering when they will next see him on TV when the season’s finale aired on May 4, 2022.

How Soon Can We Expect Season 2 Of “Moon Knight”?

Moon Knight, created by Jeremy Slater, aired just six episodes in its initial season. The performers, notably Oscar Isaac in the main role, did such a fantastic job bringing the characters to life that viewers have been itching to know when Season 2 would air.

After all, who doesn’t want to follow along with Marc Spector & Steven Grant on their next exciting adventure? Fans now have a general idea of when the numerous personas of Isaac’s character will return, courtesy to a Twitter scooper who goes by the pseudonym @EmberOnCulture.

The second season of Moon Knight will premiere before the Phase 6 film Avengers: Secret Wars, the source claims. Official confirmations, however, have not been made.

The release of Black Panther: Kingdom Forever in theaters and the Guardians to the Guardians Holiday Special on Disney+ marked the conclusion of Marvel’s underwhelming Phase 4.

With the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Quantumania sequel on the seventeenth of February 2023, the MCU will quickly transition into the fifth phase after the conclusion of Phase 4.

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Is There An Exact Date We Know Of?

Despite Marvel’s many Phase 5 announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, season 2 of Moon Knight was not among them. There was no mention of it during the Phase 6 rollout either.

This directly contradicts the rumor, which states that Season 2 would premiere before Phase 6’s Secret Wars. But we shouldn’t forget that between Fantastic Four and The Avengers: The Dynasty of Kang and Avengers: Secret Wars, a number of “untitled” projects were scheduled for publication.

@The information provided by EmberOnCulture makes sense in this context, and Season 2 of Moon Knight may be one of Phase 6’s untitled productions. The inclusion of Moon Knight would make sense, considering Secret Wars is expected to include a large number of MCU superheroes in a massive crossover event.

MyTimeToShineH, another insider, earlier reported that the new superheroes will play pivotal roles in The Kang Dynasty. It’s also possible that Moon Knight will come there.

According to EmberOnCulture, Ms. Marvel will be receiving an additional season before Secret Wars, alongside Moon Knight.As of right now, just three miniseries—Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and Loki—have been renewed for a second season.

We can’t wait to watch how each phase plays out in sequence, and how Marc & Steven ultimately end up becoming the saviors of the planet from the renegade Gods.

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While there is no confirmation of what will happen in Moon Knight Season 2, we may assume that Marc and Steven will have to adjust to their new bodies.Avatar Khonshu dealt with Harrow & his cultists in the first season, but there are many additional themes that may be developed in a follow-up.


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