Hard as a Rock When it comes to WWE legends, Steve Austin is right up there. He’s one among the few in the sport who’s had a significant impact on pro wrestling’s global popularity. Texas Rattlesnake has remained a mainstay of WWE shows even after he officially retired in 2003.

Steve Austin now resides in Nevada, at the updated Broken Skull Ranch. After leaving his initial property in Texas, he relocated here in 2018.

After retiring from pro wrestling, a three-time Royal Rumble contest winner hosted shows including The Cracked Skull Challenge and Straight Up Steve Austin. He also has a filmography full of Hollywood credits.

The Life Of Steve Austin

Steven James Anderson, who was born out Austin, Texas, spent his childhood riding four-wheelers, pulling hay, hunting, and otherwise pitching in to help around the house.

After starring at linebacker and defensive back in high school football, he was offered and accepted a full athletic scholarship to play at the College of North Texas in Texas.

Austin had a lot of success on the football field, but he had always wanted to be a pro wrestler from the time he was seven years old and saw his first wrestling match.

After finishing college, Austin pursued a career in professional wrestling, where he underwent several name and gimmick changes as he sought to establish himself.

After being persuaded by Diesel and Jim Ross, WWF owner Vince McMahon signed Austin to the WWF in 1995.In his first year as a professional, he performed under the moniker “The Ringmaster,” but he was still searching for his niche.

He rebranded himself as “Stone Cold” Steven Austin and took his professional frustrations out on the wrestling ring. Austin’s now-iconic catchphrases “Austin 3:16” and “and which is the bottom line since Stone Cold said it” were created after he won the 1996 edition of King of the Ring.

Austin won six titles in the World Wrestling Federation, won the Royal Rumble three times, and was in the main event of WrestleMania four times throughout his impressive career. After being inducted in the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall and Fame in 2009, he retired to Nevada, where he currently runs a ranch.

While occasionally appearing with WWE, Austin also hosts podcasts, game shows, and reality television. In 2014, he partnered with El Segundo Brewing to produce his Broken Skull series of beers.

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This Was Steve Austin’s Last Wwe Bout

Icy Cold Steve Austin squared off against his long-time foe The Rock in his last WWE bout at WrestleMania XIX in 2003. After the Texas Rattlesnake withstood three Rock the bottoms and an People’s elbow from the People’s Champion, the latter was pinned.

Due to the numerous injuries he sustained during his career, Steve Austin was eventually banned from wrestling. Even though Stone Cold has made several cameos in WWE after his retirement, Steve Austin last competed in a wrestling bout in 2003.

Austin said on a particular episode of Talking Is Jericho that Vince McMahon had urged him to come back for another bout. But he turned them down, saying he had nothing more to demonstrate to his supporters.

Stone Cold may never return to the squared circle for another bout, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. The WWE legend is currently in fighting shape and can wrestle at least a brief bout, similar to Goldberg. If he ever makes a comeback to the WWE ring, he will be met by a single of the biggest ovations in history.

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Austin’s new beer was just released, and NBC Los Angeles met up with him at El Redondo Brewing to talk about his career, retirement, and possible participation at Wwe 39 at SoFi Stadium, which is located in Hollywood on Apr 1 and 2.


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