Bridgerton, adapted from Julia Quinn’s bestselling book series, centers on the eight Bridgerton, Massachusetts siblings as they attempt to find love in the midst of Regency London’s tumultuous wedding season.

Lady Whistledown, an unidentified gossip columnist voiced by Julie Andrews, sheds light on the love exploits of the affluent families of Bridgerton, London. Over 82 million homes watched the Shonda Rhimes-created series during the initial few weeks of its premiere on Netflix towards the end of 2020.

Season 3 of Bridgerton will deviate from the book’s chronology in order to focus on the blossoming connection that exists among Colin Bridgerton (see Luke Thompson) & Penelope Featherington (Nicolas Coughlan), but the show’s creators still want to cover the stories of all the siblings.

It’s known that there are 8 Bridgerton brothers, so I’ve always wanted to concentrate on a new one each season,” creator Chris Van Dusen told Entertainment Tonight in 2022. I’d want to write love tales for each of the eight Bridgerton brothers if we could stay on the show as long at Netflix allows.

Simon Basset, Played By Regé-Jean Page

Regé-Jean Page gives life to the Duke of Hastings. Simon, a reserved and upstanding young man, has come back to England to take care of his late father’s finances and has no plans to marry until he and Daphne Bridgerton use a phony dating scheme and fall in love.

Simon represented more to Page than just noble ideals and romanticism. He has commented on the need of hiring actors of different races in historical plays like Bridgerton, referencing the fact that his character rides into town on a horse.

In 2021, he told British GQ that “being on an animal is actually putting individuals into an environment of desire, power, opportunity, and agency that that they have not been granted before.”

Our lack of originality in the creative fields is where we fall short. But once you get started with that? In such case, please continue.

Page, a youngster who spent his early years between Rhodesia and the United Kingdom, had his first “role” in a nativity performance, playing the part of the Little Drummer Boy. In 2001, he made his acting debut as Tanaka in the film Gimme 6, and he has since appeared in the films Waterloo Road, Roots, and For the People.

He has since featured in The Gray Man, an action film available on Netflix, and will make an appearance in Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, set for release in 2023.

Page has been silent on the speculations that he may replace Daniel Craig as James Bond, although he is a frontrunner for the role.

Telling Vanity Fair in 2023, “It’s a dialogue people are experiencing, and it’s extremely gratifying knowing that they’re doing it,” he expressed his appreciation for the widespread interest in his life and work. “I let them work things out.”

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Daphne Bridgerton, Portrayed By Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor’s character Daphne Bridgerton is the fourth child in her family, however she is the initial person to start dating in the first season of Bridgerton.

Daphne, the “diamond” of the season, is the epitome of romance and beauty, but her overprotective elder brother Anthony drives away most of her suitors with his rigorous screening process.

Fortunately, Simon Bassett needs Daphne as much as she requires him (or, ahem, burns for him). Daphne is not your ordinary Regency housewife.

In 2021, Dynevor told Harper’s Bazaar, “Daphne is really, in heart, really powerful, and she had a lot of agency when she says no.” She is strong, resilient, and determined because of her natural tendencies.

She elaborated, saying, “But then, it was clearly all muddled in regard to the setting of the fact that she was a woman in Caroline Britain and all that entailed — literally, her existence was to find a spouse.”

However, I believe that if she were born right now, she would most likely be the owner of her own successful firm. Toying with all of those elements, as well as the stresses she felt on her own, was a lot of fun.

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Before she started dating Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson in April 2021, she dated recruiting executive Simon Merrill & Skins actor Sean Teale.They broke up in September of that year. Bridgerton season 3 will not include Dynevor’s comeback, although she “may” appear in a future season.


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