The next Season deepest Deep for Destiny 2 will include a whole new narrative, plenty of brand new stuff, and major balance improvements.Destiny 2 is ramping up to the Final Shape, but there’s still a lot to accomplish until then.

The new season is called Season of the Deep, and it suggests that an old secret is hidden somewhere under the waters of Titan. Everything we know about the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Fall of the Deep, is outlined below.

Time And Date Of Start

Knowing when the holiday season in the Deep will begin and end is the most crucial piece of information we can provide you about it. There will be no 24-hour pause or something like that between Seasons 20 and 21, since we will be quickly transitioning into Season 21.

On May 23rd, we enter Season of the Deep.On the same day, the Season of Defiance will conclude, giving you until then to complete any seasonal tasks. The upcoming season will be available at the midweek reset, so you may log in as normal on Sunday evening.

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Novel Material

Every season brings fresh material to enjoy. A seasonal tale quest tailored to Season within the Deep will be introduced and developed weekly. There is a good chance this will have some kind of effect on the upcoming seasonal battlegrounds game mode.

One brand-new quest has been officially announced months in advance. In light of player complaints over Lightfall’s lack of resolution to lingering mysteries.

Bungie has shared information on an upcoming Season part of the Deep quest.This journey back to Neomuna will presumably provide light on the nature that is the Veil.

In addition, completing this quest will net you a third Aspect for your Strand specialization. Thread Storm (Hunter), Flechette Cyclone (Titan), or the Wanderer (Warlock)—their future actions remain a mystery, but we know their names.Players who complete this task will also get a legendary hand cannon.

Bungie has also announced that a new dungeon will be available during Winter of the Deep. Some leaks and rumors have surfaced concerning this dungeon, and they seem to validate the widespread suspicions that gamers have had about Seasons of the Deep for some time.

The developers of Bungie revealed upcoming changes to Trials of Osiris quests and new Pristine Triumph criteria in their April 14 TWAB. The preceding tweet suggests that changes to Destiny 2’s Power Level will not be implemented anytime soon.

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Shifts In The Scales

A new blog post by Bungie reveals some upcoming major changes to subclasses, most notably for features and supers.

All features that previously only had access to one fragment slot will now have access to two. That there will never again be aspects with just one fragment slot is not a rule of thumb. Only the current employees will be upgraded to take up two positions.

Roaming supers and their use in endgame PvE have been singled out as primary targets for these alterations. The Golden Gun, the Arc Staff, and the Spectral Blades will all get upgrades for hunters.

Voidwalker, Stormcaller, and The winter’s Wrath are all excellent supers for warlocks. The Titans’ Fists of Havoc, Guardian Shield, Glacial Quake, and both Solar supers will also get improvements.

Fans have noted the strength of the Strand subclasses’ nomadic supers, and it seems that this was done on purpose.

Bungie was aware that the wandering supers were falling behind, so they employed the Strand supers as a guinea pig. Season 21 offers the opportunity to raise other machs up to their level of performance as they have done so well.

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The new dungeon’s location has been speculated to be Titan, and subsequent leaks support this theory. At this juncture, it would be quite shocking if Titan did not return during the course of the Season in the Deep.


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