As a child star, Emma Watson was often the subject of romantic conjecture, and she didn’t always have an easy time of it.

The British performer told Glamour in September 2012 that “[being famous is] problematic for my dating life,” since “everyone I am photographed with is suddenly my boyfriend.” “That simply makes it seem like I’ve had a thousand lovers,” she said.

The actress of Regression has a reputation for being silent about her dating life, despite having acknowledged she “had a great crush” on Tom Felton during production of the first two Harry Potter films.

March 2017: “I want to remain consistent,” she said to Vanity Fair. You can’t expect the paparazzi to leave me alone when I speak about my relationship in an interview, and vice versa. There is no way to satisfy both sides.

Dr. Francis Boulle

In 2008, Watson and Boulle were dating for a short time until the Made in Chelsea star ended things. He told Heat magazine in October 2011: “I have always been ambitious, and I want to gain my own recognition for what I’ve done.”

I didn’t want to wind up as the lover of some little actor or actress, so I dropped out of school and gave up on the idea.

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Javier Bardem

The star of Beauty with the Beast and his British financier girlfriend dated from August 2008 to December 2008. It has been speculated that Watson’s attendance at Brown University back Rhode Island and Barrymore’s continued residence in England contributed to their relationship’s demise.

R. Cebrián Rafael

The British actress and the Spanish guitarist became close during their time at the exclusive university. The couple was first seen kissing during a November 2009 New York Rangers game, however they broke up in May 2010.

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Craig, George

Watson met the performer in 2010 while filming a Burberry ad, and by July of that year, she was featured in the music clip for the band One Night Only’s song “Say You Don’t Want It.”

Two months later, in a Radio One interview, Watson bragged about the encounter. George “was walking me through a great deal of his music while he was recording it” when she was in the United States, she said.

The music was so incredible that I couldn’t believe it. I love it so much. He performed an incredible job in every aspect.

Will Adamowicz

When Watson and Adamowicz were seen making out at the Desert Music Festival in April of 2012, it was verified that the two had been dating since late 2011.

The two met at the University of Oxford and became fast friends; they later discovered that they had also attended Brown University. In January 2014, a representative for Watson revealed to Us that the two had broken up in their summer of 2012.

Janney, Matthew

In January of 2014, Janney and Watson made their romance public when they noticed canoodling on a Caribbean getaway. A source told Us that after almost a year together, they “mutually decided” to separate. Later, the Little Women actress expressed to British Vogue how “horrendous” the split had been.

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While shooting the film Harry Potter & the Gobbling of Fire, the Pretty Little Liars alum and Watson met within the special effects section where he was interning. They stayed friends throughout the years and began dating in June of 2015. The couple decided they were better off as friends and broke up in September.


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