Take Immediate Steps After a Hit And Run

The number of crashes witnessed these days is much higher than before. Even after extreme care, one cannot avoid getting involved in a crash, especially on busy roads. Every day, we hear about dozens of pedestrians losing their lives.

People are left bruised, wounded, and sometimes fatally injured. Several individuals land in hospitals for weeks or even months. However, these victims of hit-and-run accidents make one mistake, not pursuing the person responsible for the crash.

Even if you don’t have high hopes, don’t let the driver escape without trying. It’s necessary to bring the driver to justice. That person could harm other people like you if not brought to light.

Here are some immediate steps to take after your hit-and-run crash to ensure the party at fault pays for their mistake. If you present all proof, you can secure significant compensation for your physical and emotional suffering. 

Note Down The Car Details

It’s better to note down car details after your hit-and-run accident. You should note things like vehicle number, color, and model. However, among all the details, the license plate number is the most crucial detail. With a license plate number, an individual can track any car and their owner.

Take Immediate Steps After a Hit And Run

It is important to get a good look at the vehicle that injures you. In case, you couldn’t note down the car details, you could ask around. Someone will have some crucial information. People try to focus on the driver when they should write down vehicle details.

According to the Barnes Firm New York lawyers, “if someone is injured in a hit and run accident, they can pursue the driver and claim financial compensation.” Still, to get compensation, you will need something as significant as a license plate number. With the vehicle’s number, you can track the owner anywhere in the state.

Call the Police

Another step to immediately take after experiencing a hit-and-run crash is calling the police. It’s good to note car details, including the license plate number, but now it’s time to contact the local authorities. If you have your phone, call for help.

With police officers on the scene, you can record your statement, and they could help you track the driver. If you think the police can wait, you make a massive mistake. Calling officers afterward lower the chances of catching the perpetrator.

Moreover, your police report will also come in handy in court. Therefore, involving the authorities at the right time is an absolute must.

Find Witnesses to Support Your Claim

Communicating with locals could also help you in collecting information about the driver. Even if you have missed important car details, you could track the driver from their description.

From the people who helped you reach the hospital to those who witnessed the crash, anyone could provide information. They might have seen the number plate or the car in detail. So, they can guide you better.

In addition, these witnesses could testify in court to support your claim. If more people support your narrative, the judge and jury are convinced of your truth.

Gather Photographic Evidence

If possible, you should collect some evidence, like photos and videos. In most cases, parties with photographic evidence secure an easy win. People who can support their claim with proof, have a higher chance of winning compensation.

You could use your smartphone to take clear images of the crime scene. Another option is to check for surveillance cameras in the area. If the area has a camera, you could get videos to show that the crash was the driver’s fault.

Sometimes, people witnessing a crash also record videos on their phones. You could take their number and ask them to send you any photographic evidence that they have. Amongst all kinds of proof, photos and videos are the most helpful ones. They help track the suspect and prove your innocence.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Even though the person causing your accident should be the one financially compensating you. To be on the safe side, inform your insurance company as well. Several companies pay your medical bills for hit-and-run accidents.

Of course, the type of insurance you have also matters. For example, if you have UM insurance or underinsured motorist coverage, the company compensates you. So, your insurance could come in handy during your hospital stay as well.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Lastly, don’t forget to contact a lawyer after your crash. You can’t fight your case yourself, and neither can you track down witnesses to prove the driver’s fault. These things are manageable only when you have a trusted attorney by your side.

Lawyers make things easier for you. They file a petition on your behalf, attend sessions, and gather proof. Most importantly, they build a strong case for you.

If you skip hiring a lawyer, the chances of winning a case decrease. Even if you can find the person who hit your vehicle through personal resources, you will need a lawyer to receive compensation.


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